View Full Version : Having a lag issue with A Realm Reborn

28th Dec 2013, 03:00
Alright, by lag, I don't mean internet lag. It's like the lag you get when the graphics are too much to handle, like trying to play WoW on the highest graphical setting. Except, with A Realm Reborn, I'm on the lowest graphics setting (Normal laptop settings)
I only know so many of my specs by memory, so, they're this; 8GB of RAM, 1TB hard drive, i5 quad core processor, Nvidia 620 graphics card.
I know with some games, just changing one setting to low can fix it instantly(I've had this with Skyrim), but there's so many different settings, I'd have to screw around with it for hours. Any possible fixes?

10th Jul 2014, 05:52
Allright, what's up with all the lag in FFXIV?? I left for a month, came back and I'm getting lag. I'm talking every few seconds, I cast a spell or use a skill and every so often I get a 1-3 second lapse in action, enemies and skills freeze in place... It's almost getting me killed every other fight and is starting to seriously make me think about finding something else to play. Oh, and it's happening in every world I try and play in... Eq-En, look into it, make new worlds, or whatever. Fix it, or I'll move on to another game.

11th Jul 2014, 13:40
There has been an ongoing issue with lag with this game since launch but after many posts over at the Lodestone forums the common consensus is that it's your ISP at fault in the majority of cases. That's not saying your connection is rubbish because you may do other things online or play other games with no issues at all. The problem lays with how your ISP routes your connection to the FFXIV servers, many providers are using bad partners in America and some of the routes are terrible at dropping internet packets which in turn causes you all the lag.

You can check out the extremely long thread with details logged of problem service providers here - http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/74559-Request-for-information-ISPs-and-P2P-throttling

You can also find detailed information that a community member posted regarding trace routes and the bad service lines - http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/168265-HUGE-CONNECTION-PROBLEM/page7

Try and follow Raists advice on running trace routes and reporting any issues with dropout you get to Tier 3 tech support for your provider.