View Full Version : What keeps people coming back to this?

28th Dec 2013, 01:49
Figured that this should be started in a discussion, being this game is going in the direction of free to play what will keep bringing people back to the game? I mean from the gameplay it looks alot alike spies vs mercs but much better which is fantastic, but when the novelty of that runs thin what can bring people back for more blood filled chaos? One choice being maps for the obvious, but what also of game modes, will a competitive team mode be put in for this or already is (again shooting in the dark closed alpha is closed alpha) will the game be regularly updated with new classes, will this be streamer friendly? But enough ramblings from ye olde Billy Riley, what would you guys personally like to see more of that would want you to keep coming back? ( and yes this is keeping in mind about the war effort mentioned in the trailer but little information has been said about that and I am eager to hear what they have in mind)

28th Dec 2013, 04:50
I can't speak for all the lifers in the LoK fan base, but for me the news that something new in the franchise was on its way, after a decade of rumors of development and reports of cancellations, was enough to me make me sign up to alpha test for the first time in my life and I'm in my later-twenties now.
For me I hope this game, which is amazing even for where it is now in alpha testing, evolves into something far grander than just pvp team death match and will eventually have a solo campaign. I'm thinking it could be similar to Assassin's Creed where you play a fledgling that evolves as the game jumps forward in time over centuries as you play missions while witnessing and participating in historic moments in the war, each time changing a little more towards what you would be in Soul Reaver 1.
I know that is a little too extreme of an expectation this early on, but this is a fun game that I haven't gotten bored with even after playing hard for a month and if in the process of having this fun we prove that this franchise is worth building on then maybe that will lead to more new games in the franchise or maybe a remake of the series, I would keep coming back for that . . . and I will.

28th Dec 2013, 07:35
It's probably too soon to be suggesting this (maybe in 6 months or a year), but if single player does get added, maybe it could be like episodic content where you play a mission as each of the lieutenants. The episodic content is probably more feasible for this game's budget, and having the lieutenants in game would help tie Nosgoth back into the main LOK series.

4th Jan 2014, 19:23
There's something that has been vaguely hinted at a couple of times by the developers, which they refer to as "the War for Nosgoth metagame" (see this article for a reference to it (http://www.entertainmentfuse.com/square-enix-announces-f2p-multiplayer-game-nosgoth/)). I have no idea what it actually is, but it seems like that's supposed to be part of the continued draw. Of course, the addition over time of new maps, classes, and so on is part of it too.