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Raider Fanatic
9th Jun 2008, 18:37
I wanna edit the script so I can play my level instead of loading one of the levels that are already provided. For example: I output my wad into one of the tr4 files they have like tut1 and I can play my level instead of the original one. What I want to do is add my own tr4 file so I can output my wad in the one I create. Does anyone know how to do this?

9th Jun 2008, 20:31
Isn't that covered in the Manual? :scratch:

Raider Fanatic
9th Jun 2008, 23:46
Yeah, but I can't seem to understand it coming from the manual. If someone could try to explain how to do it or how they did it, I don't know it, might be easier to understand. I've tried to do it by changing the script txt and the english txt but I don't know what to do after that. I think that is my main problem, I know how to do the basic changes in the text but I get completely lost after that. Could someone try to help me with my problem?

10th Jun 2008, 06:24
In the script folder there should be Script.BAT or english.BAT or some sort of .BAT file. Run that and it will convert the .txt files to .dat files. Make sure the .dat files are copied or moved to the main trle folder (some scripts won't do it right).

10th Jun 2008, 07:26
Hi, whatever the title of your TOM file is will be the title of your tr4 file in your DATA folder after you convert it. If you put that title in your script at the bottom where it says Level= , that's the tr4 file that will be selected by the game engine to play.

Here is a selection of script editing tutorials. If you study these I'm sure you'll figure it out. Always ALWAYS keep working backups of scripts.






Have fun with that lot! :D

Raider Fanatic
10th Jun 2008, 14:21
Thank you very much for the tutorials. By the way, I like your levels especially The Imprisoned Spirits, played through all of them and I liked em all. Another one is the Jungle Ruins series which I also played through them too. Hope I can make a decent level.

10th Jun 2008, 15:27
Thanks! I'm currently reworking the entire Jungle Ruins series, making an NGLE high resolution remake, ironing out a few flaws while I'm going, and putting all the levels into one big adventure.

If you're building your first level, have you considered the Baptism of Fire 3 project? :)


Raider Fanatic
10th Jun 2008, 18:13
Yeah, I'm trying to make my level where you can get to the end of one level and level jump to the next. But I'm having trouble with the rooms, its like I build a couple of rooms that are on a higher level and the rooms that are on the lower level get disfigured in the Level Editor, I recently fixed this by raising the levels of all the rooms using the room + button. But some of my other rooms, I'm having problems with. Like I have a place where she can dive in the water from a ledge and swim, its hard for me to put it into words, when she swims to the other opening (a different room), the tunnel to go up into the room is too long and it does the color fades to black as shes swiming upwards then it returns to normal. I've tried to fix that problem by getting rid of the door then trying to lower the room so that its closer to that other room but when I try to connect the door again it says it can't connect it or its not a valid door position. The thing is the door is in the same spot I'm trying to connect it to so I don't know why. So I'm spending a lot of time trying to fix that. I'll submit that level once I finish it, it'll be my first level. I have a question though, should I raise all of the rooms really high so I won't have to worry about the rooms getting disfigured looking? By the way, that Jungle Ruins remake you're talking about, I'll be sure to download it when it comes out because I really liked those levels, so long and hard to finish. Like the puzzles for instance, I like trying to figure them out. I like it when levels are long, it makes it more fun.