View Full Version : Can somebody post a screenshot from their Just Cause directory of the game file sizes

Matthew Kane
9th Jun 2008, 08:55
Hi to all....can somebody please host a screenshot or tell me all the exact file sizes in your Just Cause directory....because I think I may have a fix for those who are receiving that Shader and Vertex error...Thanks...

I do have the game dvd, but since having a little brother...your discs and properties may end up scratched like sh1t or plain broken:eek: ...thats why I can't check the file sizes...!

Thanks....please post soon!:)

Matthew Kane
14th Jun 2008, 08:32
Please....somebody who owns the original full just cause please post a screenshot!!!!!!!!!!!!


Matthew Kane
6th Jul 2008, 10:00
***ing Hell.....anybody Gonna Post A Screenshot? I Want To Fix This Game That Gets The The Shader And Vertex Errors And I Can If Somebody Gives Me A God Damn Screenshot Of The Files In The Directory Of Where It Is Installed On Your Computer....

Please I'm Trying To Help!

20th Aug 2008, 13:48
I got the steam version of the game, I can help you if that doesn't matter, just give me more specifics on what you need the screenshots of, if you need for every folder, just the main one, etc.