View Full Version : Heavy triggers and camera targets

8th Jun 2008, 16:55
Hi everyone,

Sorry, me again.

Just wondering about the problem with heavy triggers and their corruption of camera targets so that you get a millisecond flash instead of the camera being shown.

I've seen the old move a pushable onto a heacy trigger thing in lots of levels but it does not affect their cameras. How is this done?

Thanks once again.


8th Jun 2008, 21:49
Hi Smudge, that's usually rolling balls. If a rolling ball comes to rest on a trigger, it affects all cameras from that point on (except flyby cams). All you have to do is make sure rolling balls move off heavy triggers.

Another thing that causes it is having a camera target on the same tile as a door that raises upwards rather than swinging open. Another culprit is having a camera target directly under a trapdoor. Don't know of any others but there probably are :D