View Full Version : TR-inspired shopping

7th Jun 2008, 09:30
Hi guys, I start this topic to ask you if there are any things that you bought because they look similar to what Lara (or any other character) uses?
Myself, I bought this sweater just because it reminded me of the Kazahstan one:
It's from Brice.

Show what other things did you find guys!

Oh and PLEASE KEEP IN MIND - the topic is NOT for showing off TR merchandise, but things from real life that look like Lara's outfits and equipment.

7th Jun 2008, 10:34
I don't know about equipment but I have Lara-style boots and I always do my hair like Lara's in Anniversary where it's a Y shape and plaited. :cool:

7th Jun 2008, 13:03
I bought a dagger cause it reminded me of the one from TR2.