View Full Version : how Tidus' name is really pronounced and i can prove it!

27th Dec 2013, 04:49
alright guys i know its random but i gotta get this out
Tidus's name is NOT pronounced Tee-dus but instead "Tie-dus" or "tie-tis" if you say it fast and i can prove it
Final Fantasy X has a obvious water theme
along with waves, tides, and ocean flow
spheres look like orbs of flowing water
the blitzball arena is a giant ball of water being held in an invisible circular barrier yet the water is constantly moving
once you make it through mt gagazet theres a giant pool of water Flowing up by the Fayth that breaks into more round drops/orbs of water with each dream in it
Yuna does her first sending over water that bursts up under her and flows like a giant spout
Tidus reaches Besaid from the TIDE washing him almost ashore
then he woke up in the water in x-2
hes a great swimmer, and a giant TIDAL wave was around Sin when auron was on that pillar and Sin came to destroy Dream Zanarkand.
right now thats all i can think of and if you look at the game a bunch of other things involving the main character and Tides come together
thus why Tidus's is pronounced exactly how its spelled being "Tide-us"

i know what dissidia said but they had to go with japanese pronounciation where the capitol I sound does not exist except in rare conditions

28th Dec 2013, 11:35

@2:08 she said tee-dus.

31st Dec 2013, 16:32
that just made my ears bleed....damn japanese pronunciation.....heck even "Tide" is pronounced "Teedu" or something like that.....im telling you...its Tie-dus....i just proved it!

31st Dec 2013, 16:34
no really thinking about it
that game is a total water theme
why would they name the main character who is in sync with water teedus?
that makes no sense....and if you think a tide brings something to shore
in the beginning of X and the good or great or whatever! the ending where he comes back hes in the water!

1st Jan 2014, 15:35
The Japanese pronunciation is teeda.

1st Jan 2014, 16:08
No offense, buddy, but what's the point of debating about Tidus' pronunciation? Does it really matter if it's "teeda", "tie dus" or "tidu-tso-teku"?
Just use the pronunciation you're comfortable with, and that's it. ^_^

I saw several times, in the same cutscene, two characters using two different pronunciations for the same word.

1st Jan 2014, 18:28
well....i just couldnt hold it in anymore....it was like no one put 2 and 2 together.....but i guess thats a good idea...but you see why i say its tie-dus right??

1st Jan 2014, 21:10
I understand. I do say "tie-dus" too, so I agree with you ;)

In SE games too, there is two pronunciations.
- FF X/ X-2 HD Audio Drama or Kingdom Hearts 1 = "tee dus"
- Kingdom Hearts II = "tie dus"

This mean that two pronunciations can be "officially" used. :D

3rd Jan 2014, 02:20
"ToMAYto / ToMAHto" :)

17th Jan 2014, 20:53
ive always said TEE-dus aswell, it sounds more natural

so i agree with: http://youtu.be/j4mprxW7Apg

19th Feb 2014, 21:35
*siiiighs* well i guess alanman is riight...tomayto tomahto....*Siiighs* guess it is whatever its gonna be....but still...i still say its tie-dus....or tie-dis if you say it fast....buuuut, although i dont agree with your opinion i respect your right to say it and will defend that right to the death~, respect ^^