View Full Version : Thief Deadly Shadows wont work. Please help.

4th Jun 2008, 19:56

My thief deadly shadows wont work as intended. Everytime i play the game the screen goes all black and white (bright) makeing it impossible to see the menu or the game.

I hear the music and when i move my mouse i can hear the noise when you select a tab such as New game.

I have no idea whats causeing this and i hope you might have the answers i need. I've been looking all over the internet for a answer but i cant find it.

Also i know it works on my comp becuase it used to work, my comp is a good one which is capable of playing this game. :mad2:


23rd Jun 2008, 03:00
I remember having this problem ...

After I patched to 1.01 with the wrong locality (eu vs. en).

Follow these steps;

1. Un-install TCOR:EFBB
2. Determine/Validate the locality of your install media.
3. Re-install TCOR:EFBB
4. Patch (optional) to 1.01 with the correct .exe for your install media.

Please note that the 1.01 patch doesn't appear to let you execute God Mode where the retail version (unpatched) does.