View Full Version : Link portals, not working?

31st Jul 2012, 23:49
I'm having a bit of an issue regarding the link portal system where they aren't activating when I get near them. I first noticed it with Sora in La Cite des Cloches (where one portal was inconveniently placed under a Faithline orb), but it's now at the point where neither Sora nor Riku can seem to trigger getting the portals to show their details, either there or in Traverse Town so far.

Any suggestions? Anyone else with this "bug"?

1st Aug 2012, 03:08
First, is your map zoomed in or zoomed out? You can only access portals when your map is zoomed in.
Second, is your command window yellow or blue when trying to access them? You can only access them when you aren't already in a fight (blue command window).

1st Aug 2012, 10:55
Oh, heh. Come to mention it, I think that my map was zoomed out, so now I feel a little stupid. I did decide last night to start the game over anyway as a precaution, considering I was trying to find similar reports on other forums and found rumors of other interesting bugs, some related to LPs (one thatmight even prevent getting the two keychains related to them?) and others... not so much.

OK, back to playing (with Dream Eaters, since I have to build them up again).

1st Aug 2012, 20:26
Well, the link portal glitch you probably heard about doesn't happen unless you beat special portals at the end of the game when the drop gague is temporarily disabled for story reasons. What happens is that Sora and Riku's special and secret portals will get swapped, preventing you from getting either of the keyblades related to them since those portals are supposed to be unique to their characters. However, I heard that rebeating Sora's and then Riku's final bosses right after each other will return the portals back to normal and allow you to get those keyblades.

6th Aug 2012, 12:45
Just as a footnote to this topic, I want to mention somthing about the game clear link portal swapping: it looks like I was actually able to fix it somehow without needing to beat the game again.

I had to drop twice to do it, once as Sora manually, and the other being forced to drop as Riku when trying to exit Memory Skyscraper before Sora fights his final boss again. After that, I immediately checked both The World that Never Was and found Riku's current special portal in Delusive Beginning (the moving block damage wall area), and then found another special portal inside Monstro!

Although, I really didn't have to worry too much about it since I had End of Pain on both characters for the final boss sequence. It was nice.

10th Aug 2012, 13:40
Well, I think I found another special portal glitch last night. Just posted this on GameFAQs, might as well repost it here in the hopes that someone higher up sees it and we get a patch.

I've been clearing out the special portals for both characters for a few game hours now, but suddenly Sora's portals all switched to Riku's. In the special portal glitch I've been hearing about, their portals swapped, but here both were fighting Riku's portals. I tried dropping at the world map four times in the hope that they would switch back, but no dice. think I found out what caused it, though; I had saved the game and dropped while I was in Memory's Skyscraper (Riku), and somehow the game thought that Sora was disabled like he would be in the story at that point. I decided to try to get Riku to force drop by trying to head towards his final boss fight... this led to both characters fighting SORA's portals *RAGE*. Decided after that to beat the final boss sequence again and save at the end, but that didn't fix it. Finally got it to fix by force dropping Riku a second time. For now, I am able to clear them and avoiding Memory's Skyscraper like the plague -.-. Has anyone else encountered this glitch?