View Full Version : Imprisoned spirits Ng pushable problem

30th May 2008, 13:04
Hi everyone,

Playing George's excellent Imp spirits NG but having trouble on "Time to Die".

Just done the large room with loads of pillars and killed the beast with the shotgun that you find near there.

Next, there is a pushable (crate with skull in it) to push on top of a raising block so that you can get it onto the pad. There is a switch to raise the raising block.

Problem is the pushable block won't raise with the raising block and stays on the floor.

Has anyone else had this problem or have any idea what to so?



30th May 2008, 17:45
Hi Smudge, yes, that problem is down to a particular version of the new game engine, in which there was a bug with pushables and raising blocks. That bug has been fixed. Either use an original tomb4.exe or use the latest trng tomb4.exe and that problem won't occur.

By the way, thanks for the kind comments about The Imprisoned Spirits NG, that thing sure took my whole heart to build.


30th May 2008, 19:50
Thanks George.

The comment was richly deserved. I like the Jungle Ruins levels too by the way.