View Full Version : wtf cannot even startup

27th May 2008, 20:20
I just get errors this is ridiculouse! I pad 50 bucks and 3 months later still find nothing that fixes it!

28th May 2008, 03:22
what are your system specs and OS?

12th Jul 2008, 01:13
what are your system specs and OS?
It don't matter...there is no hope for him.:rolleyes:

12th Jul 2008, 17:47

turn it into an ashtray it will be more useful.

The game has been out for nearly a year and never been fixed nor will it ever be...

Every other game i have plays like a dream and im 100% sure it aint my machine and it crashed like a dodgem car every time.

i wonder where the problem is.:mad2: :scratch: