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25th Dec 2013, 07:11
stumbled across the fb page Today and bout lost it. Merry christmas to me indeed :) FINALLY here comes the long awaited LoK conclusion.... but then i see how its being turned into a F2P mmo and was all wait what?! :/

im not sure what to make of this. yeah something is Finally happening with LoK, just not what i thought. i dont understand why 2 alleged sequels were in the works and got cancelled, yet they can somehow make a FREE to play online game. and yes, it does seem Very world of warcraft to me, but also kind of unreal tournament as well.

at the risk of being 'that guy' im just gona put it all out there. Yes im excited for this game because of the names sake and the fondness it brings. yes part of me does see this and think, just cashin in on an old IP huh fellas? but even though mmo's arent exactly my cup of tea and it sucks if its going to be pc exclusive because my laptop isnt strong enough for gaming :/ *fingers crossed for ps3*; square enix is now backing this, so one would hope theyre simply using this to see if the IP is worth reviving and either finishing off or rebooting it, since thats the go to move these days.

in either case, my hopes go out that some higher up for the game is reading thus far because YES i want to play this game, YES i WILL buy a new installment to LoK and HELL YES i would go bonkers for an HD remake of SR2 BO2 and Defiance for the ps3. like the internet meme with fry goes 'Shut-up and take my money!'

25th Dec 2013, 07:12
also, merry christmas slash whatever holiday you celebrate everyone reading this

25th Dec 2013, 13:47
Merry christmas to you too.

Nosgoth isn't an MMO, take a look through this thread http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=7282

8th Jan 2014, 21:59
yeah this game is a PVP game with teamplay . Ranged vs Mele! Only Wow similarity is 3rd person view. The game feels more like Skyrim than WOW honestly.