View Full Version : Desperately need help finding a current sale of Blood Omen 1

25th May 2008, 20:33
I am a huge fan of The Legacy of Kain Series. I currently own Blood Omen 2 L.O.K.S. and of course the sequel LOKS Defiance. I love both games and most times I can't decide which to play at a time. So I usually play both games for a few hours each every day, the only part I got stuck on was how to defeat the Serefan Lord, the last boss of Blood Omen 2 where you have to use your jump skill to startle him then use the rage skill, I could never get the rage to work, I don't know why, but it wouldn't work for me no matter how I tried. Maybe some instructions on using it may help me, I know blocking while being attacked fills up the rage bar, but that's as far as I know about the rage skill.

Anyway, to my problem, As I said I am a huge fan of the Legacy Of Kain Series now and although I have Blood Omen 2 and Defiance, I want to buy the PC Version of Blood Omen 1, the original PC Game.

I have done some searching but have failed in finding any. I have looked on EBay Australia as that is where I live, but I have a paypal account, so if it is in a different country, say like America, then I can use paypal to pay for it as most places use paypal now.

The problem for me isn't buying it or delivery or types of payments, it is LOCATING THE GAME. As I said I have searched and can't find anywhere that's selling it.

The reason why I am here is to ask for help in locating the Original version of Blood Omen 1 PC Game Version. if anyone can give me a link to where I can buy a current sale version of the game, I would be forever in your debt.

Please I am begging you to help me find the Blood Omen 1 PC Game so I can tie off the missing link. Thank you.

26th May 2008, 00:22
Ebay is the one place you can find Blood Omen for the pc and it's hard to get. Some bids have gone pretty high but there are some buy it nows if your willing to pay the price. I do wish Eidos would re-release some of these older games as they did with the first Soul Reaver when there were more intrest from new fans just as there is now.

27th May 2008, 18:35
i had your trouble and thankfully was able to find a copy of the game. your best of not limiting yourself to just the pc vertion, try looking for the play station vertion.

this is of coure if your able to get your hands on a play station or play station 2.

(and even tho it may seem odd to buy a consol just to play one game, i did with the ps2 and SR2 lol)

30th May 2008, 19:19
I have an XBox, not the 360, just the normal one, maybe I can get it in XBox Version? Is it worth a try.

Also I saw on gamesfaqs.com that there are a couple of other L.O.C Series named "Soul Reaver" and "Soul Reaver 2", you mentioned the soul reaver game in your reply, the first reply to my question.

I wanted to ask, are they easy to buy and if yes or no, what are they like compared to Defiance, same graphics or are they the older style of graphics like Blood Omen Original?


30th May 2008, 23:43
The original Blood Omen came out for the Playstation , PC and Sega Dream Cast. Soul Reaver came out for the PC, Playstation, Sega Dream Cast. Soul Reaver 2 came out for the PC and the playstation 2. Blood Omen 2 came out for the PC, Game cube, X Box and Playstation 2. Defiance came out for the PC, Xbox and the playstation 2. does this cover every thing for you. My best bet if your looking for a console to play the games it would defenetly be playstation 2. Blood Omen for the Pc may or may not play on windows xp. if you plan on getting a playstion 3 every older games are a hit and miss and they do have their glitches when playing on tha console. I recommend you get a playstation 2.

1st Jun 2008, 11:58
It seems to be sold through eBay at the moment, I think posting the direct link is not allowed, and since I can't send you a pm....
Search for "BLOOD OMEN LEGACY OF KAIN (rare BIG box)".

9th Jun 2008, 18:30
The original Blood Omen came out for the Playstation , PC and Sega Dream Cast.

Close. It was only released for the Playstation and PC. There was a Sega Saturn (their system prior to the Dreamcast) version planned, but it was canceled before release.

The PC version of Blood Omen is a bit better in that it runs at twice the resolution, so you can see four times as much of the game area on screen at once. The load times are also much shorter. It's better to play the Playstation version than none at all though :).