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23rd May 2008, 06:26
I figured that since Alpha itself gave up and I collected some of the good Alpha Modifications, to make a new forum on my webpage from scratch..

In 2005 - 2006 I created a site that was about ending the need to register to 5 seperate pages to download the core essential files needed to play the game..

This site was


The goal of this site really was to provide a complete neutral ground to the game itself. A place where one can download what they needed without fear of clan reprisal.

The location of the forumboard is


The idea is to remain completely neutral and have a place where people can post where there is no clan dominance. Im currently looking for global moderators and those willing to help. I have around 3GB of downloads in the download archives...and am looking to upload the maps I have missed in the last 2 years or so.

People can post in an attachment the maps or send them to me by email and I will upload them to the downloads section of the forum.

I've also started a special type of ladder requiring team registration that will be a manual ladder to spice up the game and I run my game server as well.

I am not a perfect being and some of you know me by my other name, "Destroyerzero." I am human and will make mistakes. I am just looking for those who will help me make things better.

My website in the About Me section has my Contact Information if you need further details


A.K.A Destroyerzero

23rd May 2008, 09:15
Why don't you post this in Global Node's thread??? :nut:


23rd May 2008, 12:09
...because I am not in Alpha, and to be honest I was only registered in their forums for 4 days and saw how mean they could be...I didn't care much for the whole clan.

When Deja's attack from his fake server hit..Alpha only took the liberty of "Informing Europeans." Alex neglected to inform Americans of Deja's attack When American forums also get European members. I had to do that, since he couldn't be fair and realize the threat affects anyone with a copy of DeusEx installed.

Alex's reasoning? "EL hates augs and I stopped updating them"

Its this kind of BS which made me recreate my forums...To retain a neutral, clanless place which is focused more on the people playing this game. When an attack occurs, if you truly are a leader...You spread the word as far as it can go....and don't let biases get in the way.

This incident proved that although Alpha is gone, while they were modders, they were not leadership material and thus were not as essential as people believe they were.

23rd May 2008, 12:29
Yes, that forum is so popular. I heard about it in 2006 and you have TWO members? What the heck did you, delete your old forum and start anew? The old one I was actually a member of...

1st Jun 2008, 15:37
A neutral forums in Deus Ex was envisaged and created by Chinese Democracy from [N] clan with [XPS], [FGS], [A] and [REN] members in 2007. The forum has about 20-40 visitors per day and contains about 100 members, making it currently the most used DXMP site. It remains neutral and still provides technical support, news and forums for the community, besides a good download archive and links. It was successful because it's apolitical stance and anti-banning philosophy, while providing a democratic server.

Also regarding [A] mods. Deus Ex Stargate was created and developed by [A]Nobody who then trained [FGS] to make the second series of maps. [FGS] are now working with community members to develop Shock Lances, SG-1 and Jaffa skins and create a third series of Stargate Maps.

Besides being one of the four most popular mods in DXMP, this mod is one of the most important in the Deus Ex pantheon. It brings to Multiplayer, elements of the award-winning single player experience, in a horrific and hair-raising combat RPG experience. The free-roaming and interactivity of single player will return to DXMP this summer, as maps will be released which contain an active stargate system.

"Yeah, but democracy was invented for small greek towns, not a superpower"
- NSF Prisoner, Unatco HQ, New York, USA 2057