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24th Dec 2013, 16:46
Speaking of the old AvP2 I had some ideas for some maps.

I was thinking of a sewer like level with claustrophobic tunnels and very little open air if at all, would undoubtedly be an alc and hunter level but it would be a nice nostalgic trip for me.

A lot of the AvP levels were designed this way with very little room horizontally but with multiple vertical levels that aliens could easily launch attacks from.

I mean really tight spaces, as in you'd have to walk down the corridors single file and an alien could be behind any one of those dark branches.

Also I'd like to see more use of shadow as a hiding tool for vampires, this may be just rose tinted glasses, but it always seems effective even with the obvious exploits for bypassing it.

24th Dec 2013, 17:02
Think this would be awesome though I think the only place with sewers is Meridian - there are plenty of cave systems throughout Nosgoth though that could work too. It'd be cool to be a vampire skulking in the shadows - Reaver pounce from the cover of darkness - or Tyrant charging from behind a queue of humans in single file as they make their way together :D I like the fact that the Sommerdamm map makes you have to play in a different way - than what can be done in the others - scouts can't take mile shorts across map - places for vampire surprise attacks - would be nice to have a continued variety for different play styles :D

24th Dec 2013, 17:15
I don't know really, while it seems like fun on paper, I think this map would be frustrating to play, especially if we are talking with most of the map being tight closed in hallways/tunnels/corridors where you have to move single file through.

Sentinels would have a very hard time flying around, charging as a tyrant would be buggy because I currently am having issues where if I slightly tap a door frame my charge stops.

AoE abilities would be insanely OP, and fights would just be a mess and cluster of aoe abilities, rather than any skill involved, single file means no dodge rolling, and just humans eating a ton of CC, or otherwise play 4 alchemists and hope to win with flamethrowers and firewalls.

25th Dec 2013, 01:02
A map WITH a sewer would be a neat idea, something where you end up 'below' someone else instead of just roof and house below. A three tier aspect would nifty with a 'Sewer/House/Roof' aspect. Would be an interesting and risky tactic to have such an obvious avenue of travel. Also sounds like a fun challenge to try and navigate it with a sentinel...

...though I should bring up....don't sewers usually have water in them :) Even ones in disservice?

25th Dec 2013, 01:06
Big city movie sewers are never full of water and big enough for an army to move through. And they wouldn't be complete without a hidden genetic experimentation lab.

25th Dec 2013, 01:25
Big city movie sewers are never full of water and big enough for an army to move through. And they wouldn't be complete without a hidden genetic experimentation lab.

You make a very good point, would be just as easy to design it however it needs to be to be Flippin' Awesome!

5th Apr 2014, 14:08
Limiting the mobility as you have suggested would result in a couple of classes becoming useless. Most notably the Tyrant and Sentinel, even the reaver relies upon space to get around.

It would be far too easy for a bunch of hunters to sit with their backs to a wall and spam crossbow fire down a tunnel.