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22nd May 2008, 21:50
Hey i am writing a Tomb Raider story, i did write one before which i never posted on here (I think) but this one i think will be a bit more interesting.
I am currently using wordpad, which is rubbish so I'm sorry for my grammar.
And before anyone says anything, i like to use the ' for speech i don't know why, just am use to it. Unless it is something in the past i seem to use "

But yeah please enjoy my first little bit and please comment on what you like and what i can improve on so far.

Tomb Raider:
Idle Of Death

It was early summer, the sun was hot and the air was dry. The news said it was the hottest year Britain has had since 2003, Lara moved from her balcony and stepped back inside to a stuffy bedroom. Opening the door, the heat from the handle started to burn her hand getting into the main hall a voice called from down below.
'Lara I think you might want to see this.' Looking down Zip was by his computer. She finally reached the meant to be cold stones which where now beginning to burn the bottom of Lara's feet, Lara began to move quickly as the heat became to much.
'What is it?' Lara said curiously but Zip didn't answer but just turned the volume on his computer up.
'...I can't believe it the heat is so much people are just collapsing on the streets, hospitals are beginning to fill up. Still nothing can explain what has caused this. Mexico, Egypt, Russia, Canada everywhere is like this. The military are worried about the poles as they have got the same amount as heat as the rest of the world, they say they are melting quicker now but they don't know how long we all have before the sea level rises so much that country's and going to be taken over. This is David Grey reporting to you live.'
Lara looked down at Zip, 'you found the reason yet?'
'Not yet, I've been looking back through days on which country got the heat first but i still haven't found it yet.'
Lara didn't seem to impressed with those words, 'Just hurry. To many people are dying and when you find out tell me.'
She said storming off. As Lara reached the steps another voice came
'Lady Croft.'
'Winston, what is it?'
'Your father, told me a while back just before he died. That he had researched something, I can't recall the name of it but he found it somewhere Australia. I'm sure it will be in his files, he told me to tell you when something terrible happens, and I think this is that time.'
Lara turned around and stared at Winston, 'Thank you.' She smiled heading up the stairs.
Reaching her office, she began to go through files which her father had made on Australia. Lara come across something that was quite interesting, among the Australia files.
"Uluru Rock, one of the most amazing places anyone could go. Lara if you are reading this, then Winston must have told you my message, if it's as something drastic as people are dying please continue with this message. Before you where born, i traveled to Uluru's rock in Australia, don't just let the looks amaze you, but it is great to climb. It's against their laws so when you do it make sure no one and i mean no one is around. Climb as high as your can, me and my friend got to the top and we dug, we knew something was buried in the middle and boy where we right, after a while of digging the rock began to split, opening wide enough for us to fit in. As we got down there the way we got in began to close..."

'John light up a flair!'
'OK Richard!' John lite up two flairs one for Richard one for him self, they began to move around looking at all of the different drawings on the walls.
'Richard i think you might want to have a look at this.'
Richard moved over to where John was stood, both shining their flairs upon the wall it revealed some more information.
'Pictures of some sort of statue and the people seem to be worshiping it?' Richard said confused as he moved across the wall a bit more.
"Those you disobey the rules of the Idle, shall be punished for their ways." Richard read out loud, looking at more and more at the pictures they began to change, people dying and then a picture of earth.
"Disobeying the Idle shall cause the end of the world." Richard looked at John 'Draw a picture of this idle and then we are out of here somehow!' Richard ordered

"So Lara, I need you to travel back to Australia go to the Uluru Rock find this cave and open the door to where the idle is sat, if someone has found the where abouts of this Idle, they know what it does and our going to use the power. Hurry Lara the world depends on you."
Lara looked at the other piece of paper behind the letter the drawing of the idle, its eyes where possibly made from a crystal but it wasn't normal it looked powerful, death was written all over the idle. It seemed as though it was placed on a stall of some sort.

Randy 54
23rd May 2008, 11:39
I think you should continue on with this story.

23rd May 2008, 11:52
Aww that's really good and well written! Thanks for sharing :thumbsup: :D

Uluru - sounds like that lady's name from the original Star Treks. Maybe Uluru's rock was what she had in one of those enormous earrings :lol:

23rd May 2008, 13:29
hehe, cheers!
I did some research looking for anchient places in austrailia and i saw this tihng, looked at some pictures and it thought i could link it in with something.
My imagination an fatasy part kicked in with the mystical door lol. Don't know if that bit sounded rediculas or not?
But i will be working on the continuation of this chapter.
I just had that idea come into my head and i had to write it before i lost the idea
Glad you liked it so far.

23rd May 2008, 13:59
Ayres Rock perchance? The Bungle Bungles?

Ayres Rock was where that child was snatched and killed by a dingo some years ago. A movie was made about it called A Cry in the Dark with Sam Neil and Meryl Streep. Lindy Chamberlain was the woman's name and she was jailed for the murder of her child due to a lack of a body or any evidence to the contrary (circumstantial) :(

I'll find some pics of Ayres Rock.


Here's the Bungle Bungles:


23rd May 2008, 14:29
I am correct that Alurus rock is in Austrailia ain't I?
But I think it is a different place to use as a anchient place for Tomb Raiding with a bit of imagination, Didn't relise about the child thing. :(
And that other one looks interesting, is that also in Austrailia? If it is then i might link it in, thanks to some of your help Lo :p

Edit: Uluru's Rock and Ayres seem to be the same thing as i typed in Aluru Rock need to knock off the "'s" at the end of it now :lol:

23rd May 2008, 14:40
Ditto! :lol: I even spelt Ayres wrong (Should be Ayers according to Google Boogle!)- what a numbskull I am LOL. :D Yep it is one and the same place but we learn something new every day my friend. ;)



Just out of interest, here's a site with a pic and info on the infamous Lindy Chamberlain case lest you may be interested. Can't wait for part two of your story also :D


23rd May 2008, 17:22
I think i have now drawn to a close on the first chapter completly, lets just say parts of it isn't what some people would says is "Tomb Raider" because i am doing it from like Lara view and going into detail instead of heading stright away to Tomb's and solving puzzles, blasting the hell out of animals. In all the time i have been writting (4-5years) my writting has changed getting more detailed and taking my time in certain bits. For example in Lara's home, moving down a corridor go into detail, whats on her mind. How ill she feels things like that.
I will look through the newest part on the first chapter and post it to you when i'm done. And Once again I would like comment, possitibe and negative if possible :p

23rd May 2008, 17:29
umm nice story i kind like it :D

24th May 2008, 12:57
This is a continuation to the part i wrote.
Once again i apologize for gramme, using WordPad and it sucks!
But yeah, it's not a new chapter still same chapter. Hope its not to much and i hope you enjoyed what you have got so far, I'm enjoying writing it.

Throwing all of the pieces off paper down, she jumped to her feet. As she got up the the blood rushed to her head and mixed with the heat her vision started to go black. Lara stumbled to the door, leaning against all the walls she came back to the foray.
'Lara?' Winston said as she got to the stairs, she held on to the banister she fell to her knees.
'The heat, it's getting worse isn't it?' She didn't need an answer from anyone she knew it already
'Winston tell Zip and Alistair to get everything ready for a trip to Australia for me. And whilst I'm gone I want all of you to be safe.'
Winston nodded as she stumbled over to Zip and Alistair.
Holding her head, she closed her eyes trying to keep her self awake and not to collapse her body felt weak. Getting down the steps she made it over to Zips computers, he was not around so Lara had to operate the system by her self.
'News, news. Where the bloody hell is the news? aha, found you.' Turning up the volume Lara sat back in Zips chair.
'...The heat is so much here in Australia, many fatalities, the water is boiling everything the floor is beginning to melt away, houses are crumbling. Aluru Rock is beginning to crumble away much more quicker. It's just a matter of time before the Military have to expose the truth behind what is really happening. Back to the you...'

Lara swung the seat back, 'Oh come on, this isn't how I imagined the world to end.' Jokingly she smiled to her self.
Winston appeared from around the corner.
'My Lady, Zip and Alistair are organizing you trip whilst we speak they say it will be ready within the next hour or so.'
'Thank you Winston, and I don't know what is going to happen whilst I'm in Australia, the heat is getting worse as we speak they say, what am I taking to get there?'
Winston um ed and erred whilst he tried to remember, 'I think they said helicopter or plane. Memory seemed to go, must be the heat.'
Lara spun around on the chair thinking, 'It wont be able to get me all the way to Australia unless the people are aware that the metal will melt as we get above there.'
Looking down at the floor, 'My Lady?'
'Yes Winston? What's the matter.'
'I fear that upon your arrive back, if you make it back that the heat will have taken my life.'
Lara's heart stopped as soon as he said that, 'Winston don't think such stupid things, you can fight this heat!'
'I feel my bones getting weaker by the minuet, my brain feel like it is deteriorating slowly. I may wake up tomorrow and forget where i am and who i am.'
Lara's eyes began to fill with liquid 'Winston snap out of it, your a fighter. You have fought worse then this, you will survive this keep strong. Do things to jog your memory just don't let this heat defeat you. That's an order!'
Winston smiled at Lara, 'OK, my lady.' Winston said Turning his back as he walked off.

Hours past, Lara eyes had beaten her. A split second of a cold breeze traveled along her body, causing her eyes to open only to see Zip and Alistair 'Hello boys?'
'We left your; weapons and back pack, ammo, flairs, headset all on your bed. Bedside you is a map which may lead to you to the exact place your father and his friend dug. Before you ask how we know Winston told us just in case he wasn't around when this happened.' Zip said as he walked off.
Lara smiled to her self, getting off the computer chair she walked back to her room.
Getting changed into her light brown top with a Grey top slightly underneath, she went to find the shorts to go with it. Strapping on her gun holster, she placed he grapple at the back and her Pistols into the holster. Opening her back pack, she checked for her flairs and the extra ammo she might need, to the right of her backpack was the map. 'Well now i guess i wont have to wait until anyone is around to travel to the top of Aluru's Rock?'
Getting back to the hall she turned to face everyone, 'I'll be calling on the headset when I get to Australia.' She smiled 'Wish me lucky.'

24th May 2008, 14:08
It's great - very detailed. The grammar you excuse doesn't actually detract from my enjoyment when following the story :thumbsup:

I can't wait to see part three if you intend sharing it. I can just imagine her now scaling that rock. Better make sure she's got heat-resistant desert boots for the trip though :D

Well done Dude, thanks for sharing part two *Claps furiously and screams 'Encore!'* :D

24th May 2008, 14:52
Tomb-Dude, your story is really cool, I can't wait for the part three. Please, post it soon.

24th May 2008, 14:56
hehe, yeah it's just a tad bit differcult to do it this weekend. As my sister and her friend our down and have moved into my ermm... *pulls angry face* I just need to get into my room quickly and put that story on my memory stick, but getting to my computer is the problem... :scratch:

Thanks for the comments though, i've got so many idea's in my head but i'm really enjoying this story. I can soon imagine putting this all together one day.

24th May 2008, 16:16
It's a shame you weren't around Tomb-Dude when I hosted a fanfic competition. It was fun. I figure we could start another one and I also figure that the only people interested will be the ones in this thread, reading your fic.

It had it's limits - only so many words allowed so that the entrants and the staff could keep abreast of the posts but it was very good fun! I'd bet you would excel in such a fun contest :D But that's for another thread.

In the meantime, I hope you can reclaim your computer and delight us all with part three *gets all anticipant and amuses the audiences with my stand-up routine* :D

24th May 2008, 16:48
I like that a lot, Tomb-Dude! :D Can't wait for part three! :D :D

25th May 2008, 20:45
Lets just say the next part is the second chapter and i'll say in this fan fic. Old friends are.
And it is 4 pages long lol

Werner Von Croy
25th May 2008, 21:12
Brilliant story Tombdude :thumbsup:

25th May 2008, 21:16
He cheers, i've finished the next bit but i think it's a bit long to put on here (4 pages):(

26th May 2008, 07:34
i finished reading the story again :D
nice work TD cant wait to read more i wonder wut gona happen to lara its seems very hot in australia :scratch:
and guess wut i made u somthin hope u like it :D
its kind of a cover 4 ur story


26th May 2008, 10:35
ahhh... I'm speechless, thanks TDK. I didn't know what to say when you made that cover. I'm actually speechless. Thank you!
The third part will be up and running on here ASAP but i just have to put it on to memory stick as it is on my sisters laptop. Ah... erm... just remember something she has word i don't and it might not convert it, if it doesnt then i'll have to ask my dad for the disk which he got with his computer which came with word.

But yeah thanks for the nice comment. and the nice cover. Speechless still about it, wasn't expected at all!

26th May 2008, 10:57
Sorry for double post but i've been trying for a bit now turing on my sister laptop. I thought i better do it now before she comes back down from ipswich.
But yeah the next part i'm sure you have been waiting for. Sorry if it's a bit long but trsut me, I tried to stop in other places but it never made any sence. So sorry if its long.

The heat started to get more and more intense, it was obvious they where getting close Australia, looking around the helicopter was surrounded by the military, this wasn’t what Lara had in mind but what Zip and Alistair planned must be ok.
‘Lara croft, we are getting above Australia we will get as low as we can to the ground.’
Lara nodded, putting her hands against the metal of her seat, she felt it starting to get warmer, within seconds people where jumping off there seats.
‘The Helicopters is on fire!’ Someone yelled
‘No it’s not, it’s just the heat from the down there.’
Looking around she noticed the metal starting to melt.
‘Pilot, I’m going to tell you to do something that is very risky.’ He stared at her with worried eyes now.
‘Go straight down to the ground and do an emergency landing!’
‘But that’s suicidal!’ He shouted
‘If you would rather the helicopter to melt whilst we are in the air then go ahead, but I would rather live then crash and burn!’ Yelling back, he turned around ‘I suggest everyone hold on to something if you can.’
He started to tilt the helicopter down and go forward, going down the heat started to get worse inside, the propellers started to melt away, as one melted away the other three snapped off. Hitting the floor, Lara fell to the floor, and then again the helicopter lifted off the ground again sending people back up. Hitting the floor again, it stayed down but travelled along the floor.
‘Happy now?’ He said sarcastically
‘Be thankful I wasn’t flying otherwise who knows what would have happened.’
‘Ms Croft, look…’
Lara looked outside the window; people just laid on the floor, motionless.
‘This is when the world ends isn’t it?
‘Don’t say anything like that, but I want you and your team to go and find survivors and get them to safety or something give them our supply of water before it gets to warm.’
‘What about you?’ He asked curiously.
‘Me, well lets just say I’ve got my own objective.’ She smiled as she stepped off the helicopter. He heat started to melt to bottom of her boots, ‘Great!’
Putting her hand to her head she turned on her headset,
‘Zip, Alistair! Is anyone there?’
‘Lara, there you are. We just heard on the news about a helicopter crashing in Australia, you ok?
Lara laughed to her self, ‘Let just say that was my idea, if I we didn’t crash I wouldn’t be here.”
Zip laughed in the background.
‘The good old fashion Lara. When you going to set off.’
‘Well I’ stood on the hot ground my boots beginning to melt, so I think I’ll go now. I’ll speak you again when I get to the top of the cliff ok?
Lara turned off the headset and lifted up her feet and the rubber from the bottom, was all melted and stringy now, her boot was stuck to the floor. ’Just perfect; Bare foot Lara on hot land.’
‘Lara!’ One of the people jumped from the half melted helicopter, ‘Take this, they are boots will stand the heat and an outfit that will go over what you go but keep the heat out.’
‘Thank you.’ She smiled, he smiled back ‘Good luck, hope you find what ever you are looking for.’
Lara’s words wouldn’t come out; the only thing she could think of was ‘Thank you.’
He laughed, ‘Trent, we need you!’ One of the others shouted.
Lara turned putting on the boots and the outfit over what she already had.
Lara started to set off on her journey, it was so quiet, and it felt weird. Lara knew she was use to tomb’s being quiet but streets shouldn’t be this quiet. Looking up she could see Aluru Rock, it was going to be a challenge, and if that was the source of the heat the rock was going to be the hottest part.

To be continued...

26th May 2008, 16:51
no need to thank me m8 :D u just keep up the good work
i liked ur new part rele cool :D

ahhh... I'm speechless, thanks TDK. I didn't know what to say when you made that cover. I'm actually speechless. Thank you!
The third part will be up and running on here ASAP but i just have to put it on to memory stick as it is on my sisters laptop. Ah... erm... just remember something she has word i don't and it might not convert it, if it doesnt then i'll have to ask my dad for the disk which he got with his computer which came with word.

But yeah thanks for the nice comment. and the nice cover. Speechless still about it, wasn't expected at all!

27th May 2008, 21:12
Ooh, I really like the newest part, Tomb-Dude. :D Don't stop now! hehe

28th May 2008, 18:02
Tomb-Dude, its getting better and better...
:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

29th May 2008, 11:31
the forth installemt to my story, enjoy.
After this one i want to see if you have noticed some people.

Lara walked and walked and still nothing, houses half destroyed, cars exactly the same. Death and destruction was everywhere it was just like going to a tomb.

Time had past now she had reached it, there was a path which tourists took if they where site seeing but Lara now had to go against the laws. Placing her hand along the side she began to climb, gripping where ever she could. Getting and higher the heat grew more and more intense burning though the special gloves she was given, she started to bit her lip as the pain got worse. Letting go she went to hold rock after rock, grabbing a certain rock she became loose, stuck in the certain place. Lara looked down, normally heights didn’t bother her but know that the floor was going to burning hot and if she was some how still alive after falling. Knowing that being all broken and then burning didn’t really fill her with any confidence. Looking back up she pulled on the rock forcing it out, her hand now in the air she grabbed the hole where the stone was but as Lara touched it the heat was much worse. Letting go of the other rock Lara grabbed another rock just below her. Going a bit more left she started to climb up again. Lara started to yell a bit more in pain, the heat on the rocks burning melting the special outfit she was given. Holes started to appear on her top and trousers. Finally she had reached the top, she pulled out the map from her back pack, she was close to the entrance but she had to travel along it a bit more.
Every step got harder as her boots where melting to the floor. Looking down there was a massive hole already in the ground. Standing over she noticed some stone like doors blocking the way down.
‘The door which can be unlocked, knowing the secret of the idle.’ Lara read out loud, ‘I don’t have time for this.’ Turning on her headset she still looked down at the door.
‘Zip I’m there I need to know what is the secret of the idle.’
‘The secret, to protect the God’s and hoping that they will some day protect the people of this world.’ Lara put the heat set on loud speaker whilst Zip was talking hoping that that would open the doors.
‘Damn still nothing.’ Lara said sighing, looking up again she hard something like mechanics working.
‘Thank you Zip for your assistance.’ She said as she watched the doors open.
Jumping down, all of a sudden a cool breeze drifted around her, Lara began to take off the clothes that where given to her.
‘It’s so cool down here, it’s perfect.’ Lara said lighting up a flair.
Walking around, the picture of what her father’s friend had drawn was on the wall.
‘It looks so different on the wall.’ Lara put her hand against the wall, ‘It’s been carved into the wall?' walking around she came to another set of doors.
‘The Idol of Death. Brought down from the heavens by God’s, once to see protection and sanctuary for all living things.’ Lara knelt down a bit to read a bit more.
‘But the Gods where wrong it says? The people here discovered that it was a weapon that was going to destroy all man kind; they locked it behind these doors and in the centre of this rock hoping that mankind would never find it. They hide the three gems in three different parts of the just in case anyone had found the idle and tended to use it against mankind. One gem is guarded by the un-dead, another guarded by fire and the other… It doesn’t say it only word is death?’ Lara said
Lara stood back up, ‘Death, it is guarded by death? Zip, Alistair I wont you to do some research for me, find what is meant by death and the location of the three gems.’
‘What about you Lara?’
‘I’ll be home soon.’ Lara said turning off the headset. Looking at the panels on either side of the door, Lara place one hand in either one.
A force of energy pushed her back, looking up again she saw the door beginning to open. Holding on hand close to a gun whilst holding the flair up, she heard the slight noise of someone coughing.
Walking toward the door, she shone the flair in. A woman stood in front of her, ‘Amanda!’

29th May 2008, 20:29
Ooh! It just keeps getting better and better! :D I love the ending, very cliffhangeresque! hehe

29th May 2008, 20:38
As long as you still interested, if people are still interested i will keep on adding more. :D

29th May 2008, 20:46
I am indeed interested. :D You produce some excellent and very descriptive writing! :thumbsup: :D

29th May 2008, 20:51
All due to expriance 5 years to be correct. And the fact of having such an imaginative mind, which both me and my sister share. I like to do online RPG (sounds sad i know) But it builds up my writting skills hell of a lot.
But I can be sure that the 5th installment which is already written will no doubt be with you in a couple of days. ;)

30th May 2008, 02:41
Wow. Tomb-Dude, That's awesome. It makes me want more!! :D I hope you post more fan-fic, maybe finish this one because its really interesting. Especially since we're all waiting so long for Underworld. It's nice to read about Lara in new adventures. Your story would make a really cool game!

And TDK. I love the cover for it! Nice job.

30th May 2008, 09:20
Well the 5th part is all ready to come up but not yet, in a few days there will be the next part. Thanks for comments and glad your liking it.

30th May 2008, 18:59
i'll read it in some time later :D cuz lol i need to read it all over again :rasp: but i can see amanda in da story :rolleyes: i wonder wuts gona happen later
and angerzXraider thnks alot , lol tho the name of it was wrong hehe

30th May 2008, 22:53
I can see amanda in da story :rolleyes: i wonder wuts gona happen later
Well you will have to wait and see :p wont you.

tho the name of it was wrong hehe
Didn't well all, when ever i wrote idle i meant Idol :o
To late to change now oh well i will look in future and make sure i spell it correctly :mad2:

4th Jun 2008, 21:58
Anyone still interested in reading? If not just say and i will stop posting it on here. Because i have it all ready, and it's a bit longer then the rest but i couldn't really stop but I think it's a really good bit. But just say yes if u want me to continue or No for stopping NOW.

5th Jun 2008, 05:19
YES! ive been waiting 4 ages, i want the rest NOW!


5th Jun 2008, 09:40
(just incase no one wants to read the part before, Lara finally made it to the achent place where it was supose to be holding the Idol and she found someone)
Part 5 is now here.

'Amanda' Lara shouted
‘Oh come on Lara, is that the greeting I get after what happened.’
‘What the hell are you doing here?’ She questioned putting the gun to her Amanda’s head
‘Well, lets just say was trying to stop someone from destroy the world or acting as I was on their side.’
‘You’re lying!’
‘Prove it Lara, or just shoot me like you had the chance in Bolivia.’ Amanda said holding the gun tighter to her head. Lara pulled her gun away, so then she wasn’t tempted anymore.
‘I don’t trust you any more you trust me but I have to believe you.’
‘Good, he is most likely half way to locating the first gem. We need to hurry.’
Lara looked confused everything was just strange.
‘Hold on, hold on! What the hell is happening, are you trying to save the world? Why?’
Amanda laughed, and started to walk around.
‘Well I can’t say the erg for power still isn’t inside me, the beast from that stone and I connected, leaving traces of it self inside my blood. But I’m learning, evolving but I can’t let someone destroy this world.’
Amanda walked up to Lara and put her hand on her shoulder.
‘Either your with me or your out.’
Lara looked around her hoping for some advice.
‘I’ll work with you but I will kill you if I need to.’
Amanda smiled, I didn’t expect anything less. We need to get to you place, and work on where the first gem is. After finding the first one it will lead us to the others.’
Lara nodded, putting her suit back on.
‘Why are you wearing that?’
Lara finished putting her suit on and turned to Amanda.
‘After what’s his face took the Idle it did something killing people one by one and the heat out there is extreme. I suggest you are fast and keep by my side.’
Amanda nodded, following Lara close behind.
‘Lara the exit is this way, the guy went though this wall before he locked me behind that door.’
Amanda started to feel around the wall until a slot seemed weird, pushing in the block the wall began to move.
Amanda smiled at Lara as they began to run down the steps. Lara lit up another flair as they went down the steps, they seemed never ending.
Finally they reached the bottom, Amanda pointed to where she wanted Lara to shine the flair. Once again there where two panels Amanda placed her hands on them only to send an electric volt through her body.
‘What the hell!’
‘Let me try.’ Lara said as she walked in front placing one hand on either panel, Lara pushed her hands hard against the panels, within seconds a blast of energy came again opening up the doors.
‘Magic touch.’ She smiled as she went into the sweltering weather, Amanda could feel her skin boiling.
‘Lara! My skin!’
Lara started to run hoping to get Amanda away before anything happened. Looking back she had noticed Amanda boots where stuck to the floor.
‘Amanda!’ Lara shouted as she ran towards her, lifting her out of her boots.
‘Amanda you’re going to need to run on the heat. But little touch will do less damage.’
Lara held Amanda’s arm as they started to run along the floor, Lara’s outfit was slowly beginning to melt away again and so was Amanda’s.

They had been running for a while now and Lara had brought Amanda back to where Lara landed. Amanda fell to the floor in pain, Lara fell to her knees and the heat slowly started to go through the clothing and onto her skin. Lara’s vision once again went black.
‘Ms Croft! Sir, Ms Croft and another one needs our attention!’
Lara fell onto her face on the hard ground, she couldn’t see and her hearing was all distorted.
‘Ms Croft don’t worry I’m here, everything is going to be alright. Focus on my voice.’
‘Trent, get her over here now she needs attention!’
‘Sir!’ He shouted as he lifted Lara up off the floor and placed her on a table that was heat resistant but it seemed as thought it was melting slowly.
‘Lara, you and your friend are going to be fine.’
Still Lara’s vision black out her head felt really light now.
The man and the general looked at her.
‘Look…’ They looked at Lara, her face was burnt and the heat from the floor had burnt through the skin. Most of her clothes had been melted away.
Her hands were red raw.
‘She shouldn’t have gone through that by her self sir.’
‘Trent I’m going to assign you the job of looking over her make sure she stays alive and her friend.’
‘Yes sir.’
The guy looked at Lara, ‘Poor Lara Croft.’

5th Jun 2008, 15:30
ooh T-D the story is rele cool :D
gd job

7th Jun 2008, 08:36
Randy 54 is right you soulh carry on writting storys they are really good!

7th Jun 2008, 19:42
Well thanks there will be more soon within the next week. Got to write it first :D

10th Jun 2008, 14:01
This is amazing Tomb-Dude! Is that 'Trent' guy Kurtis? :scratch:

10th Jun 2008, 21:22
This is amazing Tomb-Dude! Is that 'Trent' guy Kurtis? :scratch:

I have no idea, really looks like you will just have to wait until the next part which i still need to write :D :p

16th Jun 2008, 13:04
OMG thats a great story!!!!! But if that Trent gur is Kurtis I'll kill someone (you:rolleyes: )


(For those of you that don't know me, I'm mad:lmao: :lmao: :nut: :nut: )

Anyway amazing story which must be finished at all costs!!!!!! Or bad things happen.:nut:

16th Jun 2008, 13:29
Lol, I guess im dead then.
Going to add a spoler now if you want to know a part of the book/ some info

Kurtis wont be lame, and all like "ooo look at me i have the far see abilty i am so cool" He's going to be much cooler, greater help, someone which people will be able to link with and the connection between him aqnd lara may be filled. Come on it has to be, but still thinking about it.

I haven't wrote anything yet, due to my exams but after tomorrow i will be writting :D
Glad your enjoying it, i was going to stop it as it doesnt seem that many people are interested really. But if anyone else wants me continue i will. :)

16th Jun 2008, 16:53
I'm a really lazy when it comes to reading, but I'll read it soon enough, don't worry!

17th Jun 2008, 09:21
So Trent guy is Kurtis....

I really hate him. Read my thread on Classics 'Really hate Kurtis'. You'll see why.

Great story!! Have fun exams:rasp:

17th Jun 2008, 10:17
But this isn't the same Kurtis we know, trust me. And I might even make you like the kurtis i have :D Fingers crossed, but like i said earlier on (i think) people from the past will be in this book.

Oh currently writting the next bit ;)

17th Jun 2008, 17:45
WOO!!! Could you please give him a haircut? I really hate his hair.:mad2:

17th Jun 2008, 21:33
Lara hasn't recognised him, its 5 years or so :rolleyes:
I don't want to say to much Shhh :D
I'm writting the next bit now i'm finding it really hard lol, need to do more planning and sorting out the next few parts for this book. So it may be while for it.:)

18th Jun 2008, 13:08
Can Lara not reconise him cuz of his new haircut?:rolleyes:

His hair sticks together and its bloody stupid!
You need hurry with the story. My head is exploding waiting for it.:mad2:

18th Jun 2008, 22:36
I'm going as fast as I can you can't rush something writting something like this. I think i might post up another thread called "Comments for Tomb Raider Fan fic" because otherwise people may get confused if you know what I mean.

18th Jun 2008, 23:33
Link to commets thread : http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=77493

Next part here now :D
Been writting for a while now enjoy, i found it quite hard to write. And I have also written the next part to this which I think is quite good. :D This is only a little bit, think of it a taster for the next bit. ;)

Her eyes slowly opened, metal walls surrounded her, fan’s located at each end of the room to try and cool the air. ‘Where the hell am I?’ She said in her thoughts looking around again, turning her head she looked a man, a face she thought she knew but didn’t. ‘Ms Croft, got some food.’ The man said, he looked at her and slowly raised his cheek, ‘What’s wrong?’ She questioned putting her hand to her face, a slight hole on her face but as she touched it her hand went back as the heat started to burn.
‘You fell hard to the floor burning your face, it will heal but it may scare. Your legs and right side are burnt as well but we are amazed that the heat isn’t bothering you.’
He said
Lara fell to her bed and sighed heavily ‘Why me, why something this drastic have to happen.’ Lara’s eyes opened wide ‘Amanda! How is she?’ She questioned
The man looked back at her and smiled ‘Fine, she is fine, got a few burn which don’t both her that much. But the heat does seem to both her more then you.’
Lara laughed ‘She never really was a fighter’
The man laughed ‘Unlike you.’ Lara looked at him ‘Who are you?’
The man sat down next to her ‘For years I have been looking for you, hearing about the accident in Bolivia I travelled there only to see remains of what you and Amanda had left behind.
‘Who are you I asked’
He just laughed and got up and stood by the door, ‘lets just say an old friend, how are my shards by the way?’ He said as he closed the door. Lara sat there and then her head shot up ‘Kurtis!; She shouted as she ran towards trying to open the locked door ‘Kurtis!’ She yelled again full of anger, kicking the door and went to her guns which where no longer by her side. ‘That sly git, he stole my guns with out me knowing!’
A little hatched opened
‘Language Ms Croft’ Said Kurtis as he smiled ‘Any way to talk about a old friend like that’
‘I demand you open these doors now!’
‘Oh mistress, I’m sorry’ He said giving a slight bow ‘But the mistress’s orders can not be taken on account today’ He said sarcastically
‘Kurtis open the doors.’
‘Sorry Ms Croft no can do, you need to rest.’

20th Jun 2008, 22:51
Next part.enjoy

Hours had past and Lara rested on in floor with the fan’s right next her now, ‘Oh come on!’ She said standing up. Going over to the door the alarm went off ‘Code red, security has been breached unknown entities have breach the outer wall, teams 1 & 5 go to main gates rest of you get to the main hall’
Lara stepped back as the door opened, standing there Kurtis stood tossing Lara her two guns and a gem of some sort ’Look after it!’
Lara looked at it, ’What is it?’
‘I’ll explain later, now follow me to the main hall. Amanda has disappeared and we fear these things are her doing, there may be more things after this Idol then you thought Lara.’
Kurtis turned as a dark smoke like creature started to run down the hall towards him and Lara. Turning to her left Lara pointed the guns and pulled the trigger simultaneously, letting the clips fall to the floor she pulled her pistols backwards into another clip until it clicked and then began to fire.
Within seconds the creature had reached them, jumping into Lara it sent her down the hall, lifting her head she saw the thing attacking Kurtis against the wall. Getting up she started to run, reloading her guns again she started to fire, getting the things attention. It turned and started to charge again, as it got close enough to her it leaped in the air. Falling to the floor, Lara slid under it. Putting her gun away she grabbed Kurtis’s wrist and started to run more.
As they ran down the halls the thing started to jump though the walls, missing them it jumped in front them. Looking behind them they saw Amanda, who was holding a grenade ‘Get back!’ She shouted as she though the grenade.
Kurtis pushed Lara back and covered her with his own body, Lara opened her eyes to see Kurtis ‘Ahem, person space please.’
‘Oh yes, sorry.’ Kurtis apologized, getting up they looked at Amanda.
‘What the hell is this about, explain your self Amanda’ Lara said grabbing her guns
‘They aren’t my creations, they seem to be like the creature that came out of the stone from Peru, but they are linked with the Idol. You still have the stone for Peru don’t you?’
Lara held her guns tight ‘It’s at home safe, why?’
‘I would get that before those things realise, that might have something to do with the Idol.’
Amanda, Kurtis and Lara listened as a voice appeared on the speakers.
‘Lara Croft, I suggest you and your friends give up. If you look around you, you will see are now surrounded. Give up the Gem you have and you will be free.’
‘Oh let me guess you know how to work this gem, find out the powers within it and then discover the location of the next one’ She replied with venom
‘You can say that, but one way or another that gem will be mine. So I suggest you just give it to me. And you and your friends may live.’
Lara laughed to her self ‘You obviously don’t know me well enough.’
‘Oh Lara I think you I do, lets just say give it to me if you want to find your mother and save the rest of the world. This Idol I currently have, seems to be releasing more heat. Oh how is Winston and the others, dead yet?’
‘Leave them out of this!’ Lara shouted
‘Give me the gem and I’m sure the idol will spare your pathetic friends, meet me in the main hall.’

Kurtis turned to Lara ‘Your not going to do it are you?’
‘I have to, I can’t loose the others and you again’
Amanda walked up to Lara and slapped her ‘For once in your life Lara don’t go soppy, be the tough Lara, and risk lives.’
Lara smiled ‘If that’s what you want’ she said staring at Amanda

30th Jun 2008, 15:39
Only a short (ish) bit this time enjoy...

Oh i finally have word on my PC :D
Sorry made me ahppy as i can now write the story in my bedroom and not have to be limited to when i can do it.


Next part

Lara was led to the main hall, leaving Amanda and Kurtis behind. Stepping though the automatic doors a man stood there as he turned around, he was completely different to what Lara imagined, he was a handsome man had a rugged look and muscular, his hair was brown and spiked and had tanned skin. ’Ms Croft, nice to finally meet you.’ He said lifting her hand and kissing it. ’Have the gem…’ He asked but Lara didn’t answer ’Oh course not, you wouldn’t hand it over like that. What was it like seeing your mother in the past before she got blasted again?’
Lara clenched her hands tight, ’Don’t you dare speak about my mother like that.’ She said pointing a pistol at him.
‘Don’t make me laugh Lara.’ He said turning on the screens around him to reveal a camera where those creatures had Amanda and Kurtis and another where it showed her home with Zip, Alistair and Winston.
‘Friends become a liability Lara, join me. Learn the true meaning of life, this earth will be safe but go to place where these people will never venture, have no one nagging at you. Do what you want when you like, find your mother. Make that lost family connection join again.’ He said tempting.
Lara dropped her gun ’I can’t…’
‘Why Lara, you know what you have always wanted, the scion of Atlantis. Had all the things you wanted but because of Natla you had to destroy the thing, all those answers from there will be inside the Idol, all the things from the past kept in this thing all your wishes can come true. Anywhere you want to go, portals to other dimension in arms length all you need to do is just agree.’

Lara fell to the floor ’Shut up!’ So many things going on her head, Kurtis, Her mum, her friends. She wanted them to be safe but she also wanted to many answers from her past to be answered.
‘I can help you.’ He said reach out, Lara stood up pushing back his hand and sending a punch to his face knocking him down and pulling out her gun. ’Get her!’ He shouted as one of the smoke creatures launched it’s self at her as she fired her gun. The bloke yelled in pain as the bullet inserted it’s self into his leg.
Pulling out the bullet, it slowly healed. ’Come on Lara, you didn’t honestly think I was human did you?’ He said as his wound healed ’Kill her and then her friends, we need that gem. Then we can once again turn up the heat on this planet killing everyone, one by one.’ He laughed picking up the idol and walking out.
Lara got up went into her pocket as she pulled out the gem, the attention of the creatures where drawn onto the gem. They didn’t move, they just sat there. Staring, almost like they where worshiping it. She picked up her pistols and slowly walked out the door. As she did, she put the gem back into her pocket and turned around as she did she started to run as the creatures drew their attention back to her, running down the hall she looked behind her as those thing started to disappear.
‘Oh great their teleporting.’ She said as she started to sprint to the room where Amanda and Kurtis where being kept, black smoke appeared in front of her sliding to her right she dodged the creature, another one appeared above her, rolling along the floor it missed her.
Turning the corner, she shot a fire extinguisher which she hoped was going to slow the things down a bit. Looking back she could no longer see the things looking back she saw 3 more in front of her. As she stopped more appeared behind her. Pulling out her pistols she aimed one gun either side, she took a deep breath as the things started to run towards her again. Fire each gun one after the other, it seemed as though time was slowing down, each fire of a gun seemed to last for ever. Watching as each bullet went though a creature. She closed her eyes as they all leaped at once at her.

29th Jul 2008, 18:04
As requested my next part to my fan fiction is up. Hope you enjoy this read.
But it continues from the last part but it doesn't.

‘Kurtis, Kurtis wake up!’ Said a voice, he let out a slight murmur and opened his eyes ’Amanda? Is Lara back yet?’ He asked curious
Amanda’s smile soon changed, she said nothing just shook her head.
He got up, ’We have to find her!’
Amanda looked at Kurtis ’We can’t yet.’ Throwing him his gun ’We need to find that other guy!’
Kurtis pushed Amanda against the wall and put the gun to her neck ’Lara first, ok! She is more important, she is the only one who can save us as she has the gem still’
Amanda looked at Kurtis and smiled ’Fine, if that’s what you want. Lets find your, girlfriend’
Kurtis pulled the gun away from her neck, and stared at her but still pointed the gun at her. The door burst open to reveal one of those creatures, ’No point Kurtis, your gun will have no effect on them!’
‘Oh you really want a bet, a Lux Veritatis member never has a ordinary gun.’
He said fire, as the bullet hit the creature it let out a scream of pain, it charged at Kurtis, jumping over the smoky creature, he turned around aiming his gun again he fired. Sending the killer bullet at it. With the final bullet the creature fell to the floor and vanished into the air.
‘And it was as though it was never there.’ He said holstering his gun, he waved his hand to Amanda so then she would follow.

Going through the door Kurtis heard a scream of pain, ‘It’s Lara!’ He shouted
He started to run and Amanda followed not far behind him, ‘Lara?’ He said looking down at the floor, he crouched down. The only things at this spot was her guns and some parts of her clothes. ‘No, no, no!’ He yelled ‘This can’t be happening!’
‘I warned you Kurtis find the guy then Lara, but no we have to follow the man don’t we.’ She said with a grin on her face.
‘Amanda what are you doing.’ Waving her hand the gun Kurtis was now holding was further down the corridor. Putting up her hand, she started to choke him.
‘What the hell is this magic?’
‘One of the many gifts I was given some from the stone and others from the God.’
‘He…Gave you… Telekinesis, what else then?’
‘Powers only a pathetic mortal like your self could only wish for. Natla one of the three wished for this, me and…’
‘I have no time for your stupid games Amanda, who is this guy…’
Amanda tightened her hand and the force around Kurtis’s neck tightened making it harder to breathe.
‘In time you shall find out who he is, and trust me you will not like. He is the God of all Gods and death will come upon this pathetic world.’ She said tightening again.
Air couldn’t get to Kurtis’s lungs causing him to loose consciousness.

I love leaving the part with Lara still on a cliffhanger :p

29th Aug 2008, 13:55
yay :D

Good work :thumbsup:

29th Aug 2008, 15:31
T-Dude i love your story, when will it continue and how long will it be, cuz im collecting them together as a book....


29th Aug 2008, 22:48
joey i'm not to keen about the collecting and making into a book idea... only reason is because it's all my ideas and idont think i will finish it lol.:o

30th Aug 2008, 05:02
joey i'm not to keen about the collecting and making into a book idea... only reason is because it's all my ideas and idont think i will finish it lol.:o

why not? Keep writing:thumbsup:

30th Aug 2008, 09:05
jeah dont stop, its awesome... you HAVE to, PLAEASE... i love the story :(

30th Aug 2008, 12:14
joey i'm not to keen about the collecting and making into a book idea... only reason is because it's all my ideas and idont think i will finish it lol.:o
its not that i`ll go out and sell it, its just for me. like making a scrap-book, i even made chapters and i set the cover as page one

30th Aug 2008, 18:01
Can the comments about my story go here please http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=77493

I'm thinking about starting it back up so if If you really want it click that link and say yes and reason why or something.
Thank you.

2nd Sep 2008, 09:43
Ok wasn't the bit i thought it was going to be but it still says some stuff which might be worth knowing. ;) It's quite a big bit as i couldn't find a decent place to stop it.

It had been a while and the hall was now dark, and cold. Lara’s stuff still laid next to him, as well as the fragments of ash. ‘Oh Lara, what have we done.’
He said standing up, putting her guns in his back he went back down and picked up the burnt bit of clothing, he stared ‘They will pay.’ He said putting it in his pocket.
Getting up her held out his gun, walking down the corridors no one seemed to be anywhere near. It was empty and quiet, he got to the main hall where still the computer was turned on. Going over to it he turned on the camera and looked in every single room and every single corridor, everyone had disappeared as if they where never there. He turned back time on the camera until he saw Amanda, he paused it and watched, she had met up with that other guy Kurtis turned on the volume and listened.
‘Everything taken care of?’ He asked
‘Yes, he shouldn’t wake for another hour or so.’
‘Your getting use to your abilities then Amanda?’
‘Yes, thank you.’
‘Being immortal isn’t easy it comes with a price.’
‘I know, master.’
‘Come now, we are off to England. We need that stone Lara has hidden in here manor.’
Amanda let out a laugh, ‘and let death come upon the earth’ She said as they walked off the camera.
Kurtis stepped back ‘No…’
Running through the doors he ran to the doors which led out side ‘I have to risk it.’ He said stepping out side the head began to melt his clothes and burn his skin. Getting into one of the military helicopters, he started it off and closed the doors, blocking off most of the heat, as he started it up he noticed the heat got worse on it. ‘Come on just last a while, get to England. Come on!’
Kurtis was pushing the helicopter to it’s limit’s the heat was just getting to much. But he was determined.

Hours past and the helicopter was on its last legs, managing to keep it in the air he prayed. It was melting but it seemed to have slowed down after a while, Kurtis sighed hoping he would be able to get back to the manor quickly. Pushing it again to it’s limits he raced against time to get to Croft Manor.

Surrey was eventually in view, Kurtis had no idea where to look for flying around as close as he could get to the ground he looked down see van after van speeding along the road. Looking further up he saw some parked outside a mansion.
Kurtis landed as close as he could without raising any attention to him. Sprinting as far as he could he reached the manor, all the van’s where parked and no one was outside. Getting up to the front door he listened and heard faint noises inside. Creeping round the manor he looked for another entrance, reaching the back of the manor he walked past some water fountains and eventually getting to a door. Opening the door he stepped into a stone floor and stone wall corridor. Handing his gun tight in his hand he went up some steps to another door, he cracked it open to see Amanda standing with the male.
‘We have searched everywhere for it, no where to be seen, both of them.’
‘Find Excalibur and the stone, we need them to help the idol. With as many pieces as we can get, the truth of the idol and the destruction will happen. Bringing war upon here, enslaving them unlike the Atlantians, the seven age they imagined is nothing compare to what I am unleashing.’
Amanda stared with an evil grin on her face.
‘Check every single room again, every single book they might reveal a secret entrance. Every door again check everything trash this place. Just find the Excalibur and the Stone!’ She yelled.

Kurtis crouched down and opened the door and fitted though and slowly closed it with out noise. Looking further down he spotted, Winston, Zip and Alistair.
They where obeying Lara’s rule even though their life was on the line. Creeping behind every pillar he watched the male walk over to them. Creeping along he listened
‘I’ll give you one more chance tell us or you will die.’ He said
Zips eyes opened wide as he spotted Kurtis pointing his gun to the guys head.
‘Not unless I kill you first.’
‘Oh please Kurtis, don’t kill me!’ He laughed
Spinning round Kurtis fired a bullet straight into his head. But the guy didn’t move he just stood there and laughed. ‘That’s, that’s impossible!’
The bullet started to move out of the guys head. Whacking the gun out of Kurtis’s hand he knocked him down on to the floor, Zip got up and rammed the guy in the back sending him down. Looking up Amanda waved her hand sending Zip into the wall, lifting Kurtis up she began to choke him.
‘Amanda no! Don’t kill him just let him suffer. And whilst your there kill the other three.’ He said brushing off the dust on his clothes. Hearing a noise to his left he turned and saw something like a portal opening.
Within seconds someone was thrown from the portal holding something.
Looking up everyone stared ‘Glad to see me.’ Said Lara

11th Sep 2008, 14:28
Hours before the incident at Croft Manor.

Pulling out her pistols she aimed one gun either side, she took a deep breath as the things started to run towards her again. Fire each gun one after the other, it seemed as though time was slowing down, each fire of a gun seemed to last for ever. Watching as each bullet went though a creature. She closed her eyes as they all leaped at once at her.

It was dark around her, the air felt cold. Everything around her seemed lifeless, within seconds flames light up around her.
‘Tihocan!’ was shouted, Lara looked around and images became clear.
‘We have an intruder, someone who isn’t supposed to be here. She is over there.’ The guy pointed over to Lara.
Tihocan looked at Lara, ‘leave us’ He waved his hand.
‘Who are you?’ He said walking over
‘Lara Croft, where am I?’
‘Atlantis, we are in time of despair what drives you here.’
Lara says to her self ‘Atlantis? Tihocan…’ Looking up at Tihocan ‘Well I didn’t chose to come here, one minuet I was on earth battling these unknown entities and then boom I’m here.’
Tihocan lifted Lara to her feet.
‘So your from the future, strange.’ They walked down the hall seeing the life of Atlantis people who looked human, people who know the creation of everything.
‘Lara, right?’ Said Tihocan, Lara nodded ‘Follow me.’

He led her into a room where something was spinning, ‘The Scion of Atlantis!’ She yelled
‘You know of it?’ He questioned
‘Takes three to rule, 7th age all of that. I had to destroy it as it was used by Natla.’
Tihocan laughed.
‘That’s impossible, she is imprisoned.’
Lara stared, ‘well then I must have battled some other Queen of Atlantis with wings. Who wanted to create the 7th age.’
Tihocan’s smile soon changed, ‘If you know of that you must know if our Idol?’
Lara looked at him ‘Show me.’ She smiled
Tihocan led her yet into another room where their was a stool. A idol with 3 gems and a empty space on his head.
‘This idol, we do not know where it comes from. Whether it was our ancients. But it is missing a stone of some kind we don’t know how to power it up but we have read some markings that lead back milliners before our age.’
Lara walked up to it ‘It can’t be.’ Lara looked at it closer and pulled out a piece of paper, the drawing which was in her fathers note book. The picture was identical.

‘Get ride of it, it is a killer! On earth we are fighting against time, it is killing everyone. If it is activated in the wrong way it will kill everyone here on Atlantis, I don’t know where you send it but do. Scatter the gems across a place and place the Idol in the deepest place you can find and tell people it is something they have to worship and not touch.’

‘You speak the truth?’ He questioned.
‘I would not lie, I’m an archaeologist and in my world people are dying because of that thing. My friends are in danger!’

Tihocan looked at her, ‘But this thing holds memories everything that has happened and what will happen, anything you want in your memory can be unlocked.’
Lara stared at the eyes of the Idol. ‘Brought down by the gods but then started to destroy, I’m living the future and past at once. It was brought down by the Atlantians, which I’m telling them to do, gems scattered. One given to me, two scattered across the world. And then it is fixed and then in thousands of years it is found again worshiped saying it was brought down by god but then was used as a weapon. It’s just one big continuous loop of my life.’ Lara said to her self ‘but that would be... Tihocan you need to send this down to earth hide it in the mountain of Aluru rock. You will know which one it is in Australia it’s is, wonderful site perfect for site seeing if your ever interested. Scatter two gem across the world and tell the people like I said it is a stone to be worshipped and it is a gift. Trust me.’

Tihocan didn’t know what to make of it. He walked over to her and rested his hand on her shoulder, ’You would have made a great member to our world Lara Croft, why don’t you stay become one of the God’s of Atlantis become immortal like us.’ He smiled
Lara looked at him and returned the smile, ‘I have turned down that offer many of times now but no I’m sorry my world needs me.’ Tihocan gave Lara a gem and made a portal.
‘This should take you back to your friends, I sense danger. And good luck Lara Croft.’
‘Thank you Tihocan.’
‘Wait Lara before you go.’ He touched her healing the wounds she had.
‘You should be healed and you may feel stronger now but that will be shown in time.’ He said smiling at her again.
‘Now go. I’m sure we will meet one day again.’ She nodded, holding the gem close to her as she jumped though the portal and landed on the floor. Looking up she saw every one looking at her.
‘Glad to see me?’ Lara said holding up a gem.

13th Sep 2008, 18:58
Wowie wow nice story!

24th Sep 2008, 17:58
Sorry this took a while completely forgot to post it and edited and did a few more pages instead lol sorry!!!!!

(continuing straight from the last part! Don't know if it is that good but please still comment)

‘Get her and the gem!’ The guy shouted.
Still on the floor she grabbed Kurtis’s gun and whilst still down she shot the men around her with one bullet each.
‘Get the hell out of my house, now!’ She yelled
‘Where is the stone Ms Croft and where is the sword?’
‘Stone and sword are mine now get lost!’ Pointing the gun.

The guy nodded at Amanda as she waved her hand sending the gun away. Lara just laughed, ‘You have got to be joking Amanda has powers’ Lara continued to laugh.
‘Not only does she have powers she is a Goddess, immortal just like me now, she swore her oath to me.’
‘Pathetic Amanda, just pathetic anything to get power that’s you. The spoilt little brat.’
Amanda went to go forward but the guy stuck out his hand.
‘Amanda if they wont show us where the sword and the stone are I suggest you burn this place to the ground.’
Lara stepped back, ‘you wouldn’t!’
Amanda’s eyes turned white bringing out a group of the unknown entities, charging from wall to wall causing fire and explosions.
‘Tell us where it is Lara and you and your friends will survive.’
‘Don’t tell them Lara.’ Said Zip ‘Don’t worry but just don’t tell them!’

Lara looked back at Zip and smiled, ‘Your going to have to burn this place down to the ground if your going to get those artefacts.’
The guy and Amanda started to walk away.
As more fire and explosions started to happen, ‘Lara do you know we are going to die.’
‘Oh come on Kurtis do you really think I’m that stupid?’
Kurtis didn’t reply but just stared at her.
‘Zip you know what to do.’

Zip went to his computer and started typing away. Kurtis went over to Winston and Alistair and untied them, ‘You ok?’
‘I’m ok but I don’t know about Winston the heat is really getting to him. He is dying and the fact that they beat him because he tried to keep them out was worse.’
Kurtis nodded ‘Don’t worry I’m sure some of my team here will look after Winston and make sure he stays alive.’
Kurtis walked over to Lara who was stood over Zip.
‘They have messed up with the codes and everything might take a bit longer then expected Lara!’
‘Just hurry, I don’t know how long we have got!’
Fire alarms where going off and the fire was spreading up the walls and all the decorations hanging over the place.
‘Lara, we need to get Winston to some of my team around here before he dies.’
Lara looked at Kurtis, ‘Take Alistair with you and go now. Get him out of here.’
‘I’m not leaving you again Lara.’
‘Kurtis just go, me and Zip have got it here. I’ll meet you at one of my safe houses around here, Alistair knows where it is. But just go.’
Kurtis couldn’t say goodbye but he went over to Alistair and Winston ‘Come on we have to get out of here.’

Minuets passed and Zip had finally found the code to unlock the door behind him. ‘Thank you Zip, now get out. Meet up with Kurtis and the other I’ll be there soon.’
‘But Lara?’
‘Zip please just go.’
Zip got off his chair and ran though the door. Pieces of the manor started falling down. Lara put up her arms as piece fell from the ceiling in front of her, fire spread up in the air. The glass to Zip tech area shattered sending glass in Lara’s direction. Falling on the floor and covered her face as the glass headed in her direction, she moved her arms and looked up.
‘Who knew getting to a door would be so much hassle?’ she laughed to her self
Getting on her feet she started to sprint to the door, as she got though she closed the door and prayed it would hold off the fire long enough, heading down the steps she came to another room going up to the doors she put in the code to unlock them. In front of her laid Excalibur and next to the stone from Paraiso. Putting the stone in her pocket she grabbed the sword holding the handle tight she swung the door towards one of the walls. First strike cracked the wall, Lara smiled swinging the sword again the wall was broken. Getting through the hole she just made she started to run, looking back the whole manor was alight, fire bursting out of every window, Lara looked carefully as she saw Amanda and the other guy standing at the front of the manor. Creeping around she watched them, Amanda had all of the unknown entities go back into her, still watching she saw the guy wave his hand downwards and with that the manor fell to the ground. Just like a planned demolition of a building. She could hear the laugh of them both. The closer she got to them the more tempter Lara was the swing the sword at them. A group of men went around and the bloke ordered them to go searching in the rubble for the artefacts. Lara watched as the they both started walking over to a van.