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22nd May 2008, 04:14
I've come up with a fun and exciting game.
This game is called "Tomb Raider 9: The Never-ending Story"

HOW TO PLAY:Each person comes up with a new level for the game by replying to the previous post with any details they want to put, and a continuing story for the level in that post. For example:

Each level should contain:
*A Title for the Level
*The city/country where it takes place
*A short story that correctly follows the previous level's story. (it has to continue from where the last persons sentence left off.)

If we play this game correctly, this thread should consist of a continuation of Levels all from our own imaginations. It will be like an entire Tomb Raider game created by all of us!!

Basically it will be a long Tomb Raider Story, only instead of "chapters" it will be "levels"

*Please try to keep your Level somewhat short so that someone else doesn't end up continuing the level you were trying to continue, incase two people try to add a post at the same time!!

Everyone can keep posting new Levels on this thread as long as you dont post one RIGHT after a level you just made.


22nd May 2008, 04:16
Level 1: Croft Manor Hitmen
Country/City: England

Our heroine Lara Croft wakes up in her bedroom at Croft Manor in Abbington Estates only to realize that the alarms have gone off in every room of the mansion. She quickly gets up and runs to the wardrobe to change into her black catsuit. First she grabs her Dual Pistols and 4 grenades, her grapple, PLS, and a Mini Uzi. Lara rushes out the bedroom and into the hall and makes her way down to the grounds to escape in her Silver Ducati Monster.(motorcycle) On the way down, she notices that the mansion has been broken into by a team of 19 swat mercenaries trying to assasin her. They hop into a giant black truck with a gun turret at the top and follow her through the cities of Englan until she finally reaches.............

22nd May 2008, 10:27
Level 2: Crossing the Channel

Country: England.

...The cross channel ferry heading for France. Lara heads straight for the vehicle deck, just as the ramp is being raised and flies through the air on her motorcycle, landing on the deck with just inches to spare.

Cut-scene: Lara abandons her bike and rushes to the passenger decks to see the black truck screech to a halt on the quay side and the SWAT team disembark looking frustrated at having been outrun.

Now Lara concentrates on exploring the ferry below decks to see if she can find enough components to knock-up some makeshift weapons, knowing that the marksmen will be catching the next ferry in hot pursuit - all the time being chased by crew members who see her as a stoway with a dangerous agenda.

Finally collecting several items and evading the crew, she hides away in the boiler room until the ramps are lowered once more on the vehicle deck whereby she hops on her bike and speeds out past the queue of lorries, up the ramp and into France where she heads for.....
(I hope that's the sort of thing you're after) :o

22nd May 2008, 16:21
Level 3: The tower

City: Paris

up the ramp and into France where she heads for.....
The city of Paris. Once arriving Lara looks up at the Eiffel tower, 'Hmm... Challenge!' Lara's mission wasn't going to be as simple as it seemed. The sky grew dark, Lara waited for the tower to empty. It was going to be a stealth mission but was it going to be that simple.
Walking up to the Tower Lara grabbed hold tightly, lifting leg above leg. She started to climb but no longer could she go up as it was getting to steap and gravity was pulling her down. Jumping to her right, she grabbed hold of a stright part, as she grasped the bar with her one hand the other one missed cauing her to begin to loose grip with the other hand. Forcing her self to lift up her other arm she grabbed hold. Lara began to do a nutters laugh to her self...
Looking up she knew it was going to be differcult but she had to grab the bar above her. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath. Lifting her leg to her chest she pressed it against hte top of the bar she was on now and pushed as hard as she could causing her to lift of. Moving both arms simotamiasly she grabbed hold of the bar above. Doing this every now and then and climbing up normally she finally reached the top.
Clapping their hands two figures appeared 'Welcome lara.' Some guy said in a french accent, pulling out her guns she started ot shoot at the flor and around them causing them to duck and move out of the bullets. Grabbing the Artifact she came up here for. Throwing her back pack on the floro she opened it up getting out a glidding out fit, behind her a gun was pointed ot her head. Slidding her legs along the floor, he fell to the floor. Quickly putting her suit on she ran to the edge and jumped on. Both people started firing at her as she jumped when she started to glid of to...

(Hope thats ok :D)

23rd May 2008, 05:05
yea guys great. :D This is exactly how it goes. Now someone else can coninue from Tomb-Dudes part!!!

little miss Ju
3rd Jun 2008, 15:04
Level: A surprise visit
Location: Belgium
Time:5:36 am.

Blegium. It took Lara over a day to reach the country, but when she did she was still in the outskirts. Frustrated and tired Lara hitch-hiked to a nearby café and bought the largest meal on the menu. Whilst eating her meal she stares out of the window, noticing an abandoned bike propped up against the wall. After hot wiring (is it possible on a bike?) the motorcycle She speeds off down the motorway. After another long journey she reached the first building she'd seen since the café. It was an abandoned war museum. Getting off the bike and dumping it, Lara made her way inside the museum. But obviously she wasn't alone... Hearing the same French voice that she heard atop the Eiffel tower whispering "it's too late" to her she draws her guns and mercenaries enter on cue. Lara dives into a gun fight, quickly forgetting about the voice from Paris (who has already fled) killing anyone with a gun in sight. After the mercenaries are taken care of Lara rumages through the draws and cupboards of the war museum finding only a medipack and a note adressed to...

12th Jun 2008, 06:40
Level 5: The library
Location: A nearby library in belgium
Time: some time after 5:36 am.

a note addresses to.... "the mysterious french man", although it was in an ancient dialect of a dead language only 5 people in the world know how to speak. Lara decides the letter is of great importance, so she takes it to the nearby library to translate. She jumps all over the shelves and performs all number of aerobic moves, upsetting the librarians who start shooting at her and she shoots back. Eventually she finds a large tome that has all the information on the secret language the letter was writtin in, but
before she can start the SWAT team that attacked her mansion followed her, along with the mysterious french guy, and start shooting at her. Half way through the fight, after taking out half the SWAT team, the mysterious french man runs away, and the room starts shaking, the floor crumbles and out from a pit a giant mutant monster appears and says:......

(sorry if my humour slipped in there a bit too much.... and don't say fee fi fo fum)