View Full Version : Question about Screenshots for PS2

22nd May 2008, 00:17
Is there any way to make screenshots with a PS2?

I know that you can make them on PC by using screen-grabbing programs such as Fraps or IrfanView.
I also heard that you can somehow connect the Playstation 1 to a PC somehow to make screenshots on a PS1, but you need to know the model and have proper equipment.

So far though, I have never heard of how to make screenshots for a PS2. I'm also interested in making real-time videos straight from the ps2, rather than using a hand-held digi camera, which would cause the graphics to come out all fuzzy and non-appealing.

Help anyone? Please?

22nd May 2008, 01:22
Single screenshots I'm not so sure about, but the simplest way to capture PS2 on to a PC is to buy a capture device. Most TV/video cards have built-in capturing abilities nowadays. You can also get a simple USB device that allows you to connect and record anything from a PS2 to a VHS player.