View Full Version : Light at the End of the Tunnel

21st May 2008, 16:06
So I am an avid Gametap subscriber, and I have been waiting to try the Gametap version of Kane and Lynch to see if it suffers from the same problem as the retail and Steam versions of the game. Gametap is known for making sure the games they put on their service work, so they can limit the tech support that they have to provide.

Well, Kane and Lynch was set for a May release, but a day before it was going to come out, it was delayed to June. Makes me wonder if they are delaying for the patched version of the game. Right now it is only speculation, but it very well could be that we might be getting a patch soon.

And just to remind everyone, I have clamored as much as anyone else in regards to how bad the support process has been for this game.

22nd May 2008, 23:27
Thnx for the post , funny how a TOTAL stranger gives more of a crap than the idiots who produced the steaming pile of crap that this forum gives attention to