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24th Dec 2013, 03:45
Hey people, I decided to do a FF13 Lighting Returns Let's Play after its released over in the UK Mid February, as a build up to that I recently started a FF13 *And FF13-2 if I get through it* Let's Play on my Youtube Channel.

I do not monitise my videos so im not to bothered about getting Matched content, I do it for fun not money, but this one has me a bit confused? at exactly 51:11 in Part 1 I got content matched naturally with Square Enix Co., Ltd.

But for the life of me I have no idea exactly what its matching... any why that part... if its the cuscenes why not the one at the start of the video... or a host of other stuff.

Here is a link let me know what you think its matching with

But while Im here, anyone know Squares stance on the whole Let's Play situations, while I dont monitise the option and knowledge would be helpful in the future in case I decide to start, heaven knows I would like to start adding Commentary again and some extra funds towards getting a Laptop to record my voice would be a godsend.

Having to lug my desktop into the living Rooms a bit of a pain lol

Anyway, Squares stance and your oppinions on what the things matching would be fun to hear.

Littica Marek
Aspiring Let's Player

25th Dec 2013, 07:01
I have some gameplay videos of FF games on my channel too but I didn't monetize those. I'm not sure what's Square's stance, but I think maybe they don't mind uploading them as long as there's no monetization. Because the way companies look at it is that their copyrighted material is being used commercially by others without their permission and Google is making a lot of money from them through their advertising programs with the YouTube partners.

25th Dec 2013, 09:45
Yeah a lot of Companies like the free advertasment and let you monitise the videos, not all though, Nintends being a big no, no.

I haven't heard anything bad about Square as far as videos and lets plays go, just not to do them before the games are released, you know what would really make it clear was if the companies set a blanket or game by game precedent stating the game is free to be Let's Played and monitised or Just Let's played but not monitised, or neither but I doubt that would happen any time soon lol

Hell a three color traffic sign approach would help,

I guess untill then ill keep posting in the Forums of the games I'm Let's playing, at least that was if they dont want me to do one I will know its them asking and not one of the Youtube Scammers lol

Still what do you think is better, Let's Plays, playthroughs with or without Commentary? I prefer with but its a bit hard to set it up at the moment, and post commentary is not as... good as live commentary