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18th May 2008, 04:28
I just love youtube.com. :D I also took a look at TR Chronicles on youtube and it looks like alot fun. I just hope the controls are not like AOD, from what I read I don't think it will be. But I mean I can't believe all the Tomb Raider games on youtube, that I can look at and see all the different levels for a lot of the games. This is so neat, thanks youtube! :)

18th May 2008, 04:40
Youtube with Lara is so fun I also love it some it makes me laugh my guts up something bad. I love the farting ones the burping ones and I think they should go or underworld on future tr games.

22nd May 2008, 06:46
yeah thats where i watch all my online videos, you should look for some about lara croft funny deaths and post them on the brand new forum thread i made titled: "funny tomb raider deaths". I made it just for this reason.

22nd May 2008, 11:07
A lot of folk didn't like Chronicles but I really enjoyed it! It runs pretty much like any of the old-skool games and is nothing like AoD, no glitches with the controls. Some say it doesn't fit in with the story but that's never been an issue for me for I just like to explore new locations and it boasts some great locations and challenges.

There's quite a bit of gameplay in a building near the end levels and yet some prefer open areas and tombs so it depends what your expectations are in the game :)

3rd Jun 2008, 06:42
im not 'this folk'..
i enjoyed the game tr5...and it still left my favourite

3rd Jun 2008, 06:58
Kurtis killed by Lara in Aod
If U havent played the game U can Watch all the cutscenes:

U can also find other game cutscenes -by this user.:cool:

Marcus T
7th Jun 2008, 11:45
Oh, Youtube is a lot of fun :) Feel free to take a look at the crazy Tomb Raider video I have there. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMkRkkWo_8k)

7th Jun 2008, 13:00
I love YouTube, I even have some of my work on there as well.

Marcus T
8th Jun 2008, 13:06
Feel free to give a pointer :)

20th Jun 2008, 10:03
Ayup All...

I don't wanna fall foul of any Mods out there, but has anyone watched the BEST of TR videos, 'The Internet is for porn' ....? It's A classic. and at least 2 versions too. you'll just learn the words without knowing it... and hum it all day to the annoyance of those nearest and dearest to you...

20th Jun 2008, 10:28
[QUOTE=Katin-ka;754961]Kurtis killed by Lara in Aod

:eek: :lol: :eek: :lol:
How that movie was made?!?!?! It's so funny watching Pierre instead of Kurtis!:lmao: