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16th May 2008, 01:31
Ok Im about to format and install XP. Vista is seriously ...... "Continue, Continue, Continue, Oh sorry I had to authorize windows before I could spell the next word".......a pain in the ass.

I loaded Thief 2. Launched it with compat mode of Windows 98/ME with Admin just to see how it would run without any tweaks. It loaded to main menu but would crash anytime anything else was attempted. I thought that was a good start so I began to use the Sticky Guide for Vista. I first started by making the single core processor.bat file and then removed ; from ;safe_texture_manager line in user.cfg. I launched t2 to see how it would run now but it just simply crashed with no main menu. I uninstalled t2 and reinstalled but it still will never get to the point of seeing the main menu, even after deleting all related files, rebooting PC, and starting from scratch. Need some assistance

Windows Vista Home
Asus G1s
2gb Ram
Nvidia 8600m GT DDR3
163.44 Drivers

16th May 2008, 21:48
First, I suggest you read my "how to..." sticky thread to see if there is anything you missed.

The main menu should display. I suggest you remove compatibility mode. That may be the problem. I have heard of several instances when compatibility mode didn't work, but regular mode did. Most people run without compatibility mode.

I don't know about 163.44 drivers. I know that 163.75 and 169.21 are good with XP. I don't have any information about Vista drivers. Vista drivers, even for the same version number, are completely different, I believe. I suggest you do a search for Vista, both here and in the Legacy gaming support thread at TTLG, to see if there is something special you need to do.

I don't know about 8600m GT. Is this a laptop? Laptops can have their own mysterious problems. You might try checking Nvidia's site for the latest drivers for that card.

Finally, and possibly most important, if the 8600m GT is one of Nvidia's recent cards, and it sounds like it is, no version of Thief will work without the DDFIX patch. I have a link to that in my how-to thread. Back up your EXE before patching it. Note the need to have one large EXE and not the separate small EXE and larger ICD files. The TTLG thread contains links to these large EXE's if you don't have one.

18th Jul 2008, 12:00
Running Vista x64 here. Thief 1 as well as 2 are running fine without compatibility mode settings, with DDFix and Alchemy files applied.
Thief 1 does play its videos fine as well, even without running it as administrator.
Thief 2 however crashes to desktop anytime it tries to play a video.
http://img261.imageshack.us/img261/8056/thief2viderroruf1.gif (http://imageshack.us)

The ipv5 setup from CD2 of thief 2 does NOT install anything. It says some components are not needed (e.g. Netscape not found) and others are newer (namely the Indeo 5 codec).
I tried to put the lgvid.ax file from Thief1 into the Thief 2 directory, but it
produces the same error message.

I now installed the Microsoft Application Compatibility Administrator v5 and set Thief2.exe to Windows XP compatibility mode. Videos play fine with that, and the game itself runs well (DDFix applied of course). BUT: With compatibility mode, I lose EAX support from Alchemy. ARGH :mad2:

We can only hope that 3D acceleration is being pushed forward by virtualization software developers. Do we really need to have two goddamn thousand machines in our attics just to be able to run all the software we have?

I want my Commodore 64 back. :(