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22nd Dec 2013, 21:57
I have a a question about Mortanius. Do you think Mortanius worshipped the Elder God, just like Moebius did? I mean it's perhaps without a doubt that the elder God orchestrated the fall of vampires at the hands of the Sarafan.

1st Jan 2014, 20:15
Quite possibly. Though I think during the making of the original lok the eldergod wasn't thought up yet. He does however seem to be the only god to exist and therefore worshipable from those powerful or intelligent enough to know of his existence such as the guardians. Though it does seem that knowledge of the eldergod was lost in antiant times with the extinction of the ancient vampire and hildon races and it seems that even they didn't even know what it looked like or really was, a hideous paracite of the world and the surpreme eater of soals of the spectral relm as described by raziel. Im not sure if the elder god even creates life as such his role as the almighty wheel of death and rebirth. I suppose it did bring raziel back to life from the brink of obliteration so I guess he is an all powerful god.
Any who. Its been a while since ive explored the lok universe lore. Now that I reflect more on it I remember that a lot of people were tools for the eldergod weather direct or not. I think if mortanius worshipped anything it was probably hasakgik, the body possesing demon from the bo1 or the body possessing hildon race thats trapped in the demon relm shown in bo2 and defiance. Im now realizing that since it was never really confirmed that mortanious knew of the elder god then he most likely didn't. And the elder god was only known by raziel, and Mobius who with his experience to travel to many times and places became aware, and later kain found out.
But the elder god used people at tools for his own means. He could have revealed himself to Mobius aswell as raziel and possibly others. Maybe if mortanius didn't know he was still being used by the eg, Because mortanius was very important to nosgoth history, he created kain! Maybe it was unforeseen to the eg, or maybe the eldergod wanted kain to become a vampire to eather save nosgoth and restore the pillers, or maybe the eldergod wants the hildon to break free one day so that he can devour their souls aswell. Weather mortanius was instructed by the eg, or weather he was manipulated from the shadows by the eg might never be known.
Sry im rambling. Lastly I like what you said, it is quite possible that the eg orchestrated the fall of the vamps to finally eat there immortal soals. But I think it was Mobius that did that. If your thinking of the bo1 story as I am. Unless your talking about some earlier history that im not aware of, sometimes my memory is bad. But if anything if mortanius knew that a surpreme force wished for the depletion of the vampires than he could of created kain as an act of rebellion against the elder god, such as I understand that he created kain as an act of rebellion during a moment that he was free from possession so that kain would hopefully destroy all the corruption.
Anywho long story short, who knows? I persionally think he didn't know of the eldergod but it could have been brought to his attention during a simple chat with his buddy Mobius, not far fetched, they should expand the lore is what I say.