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Edge of the Coin
13th May 2008, 00:28
You know, my copy of Blood Omen has remained in near pristine condition for the last decade: through floods, moving trucks, and a parade of roommates and siblings. And yet, when I've just gotten a new PSOne console, at long last, on which to play it again--here comes a roommate to spoil it! The disc and instruction manual survived, having been safely in the console and on the table next to me (respectively). The insert, however, was destroyed in a deluge of red wine :rolleyes: . I figured I'd just replace it--look up a scan of it, and print it out at the apropriate dimensions as I had done with my used copy of Blood Omen 2. The problem I enountered was that all the images I found were terrible. They were either 120X120 pixels or in german.

My request, therefore, is: Could someone please point me toward a decent scan of the back cover insert (both sides of the insert, if possible) of the original Blood Omen? Clear, and at a respectable size for printing, say nothing below 800X800, but the larger, the better. I know it isn't terribly important, but I don't like having blank cases. Even for CDs and DVDs that I burn, I make covers and labels for them--I guess you could call me a little OCD in that area, heheh. I'd appreciate it, anyway. ;)

13th Jul 2008, 16:39
This is a little late, but I could scan my own copy for you if you wish. Are you still in need of it?

Edge of the Coin
13th Jul 2008, 17:05
Yes, that would be much appreciated, thank you!