View Full Version : Dystopia mod sort of like Deus Ex online

12th May 2008, 01:36

Check this mod out for Half Life 2. It's complicated at first but you'll get the hang out if. You can go into cyberspace and hack things and also put implants and choose different classes. Well worth it.

12th May 2008, 02:24
It looks more like tron than deus ex. looks good though, for people who are into that sort of hectic multiplayer business.

12th May 2008, 05:04
I'll take whatever cyberpunk I can get my hands on thank you very much

12th May 2008, 10:09
I remember platying that about a year back. Wasn't very Deus Exy to me on account of the whole action focus, so stealth was only possible with the light trooper. Has it changed much?