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Haagen dazs
11th May 2008, 11:00
Hi guys,

We are announcing for the very first time, the exciting news that Eidos have recently commissioned a brand new book to commemorate the conceptual artwork for the entire Tomb Raider series! "The art of Tomb Raider"

"The Tomb Raider series has had some of the most inspirational and awe-inspiring artwork of video game history. Most of this art has remained hidden, locked away never to be seen by anyone other than the team working on the games... Until now! Coming 2009 is a brand new piece of Tomb Raider merchandise that will have you drooling with anticipation. For the first time ever, the Tomb Raider artwork will be celebrated in its entirety as Dreams and Visions Press bring us a comprehensive look into the series with their incredible new 'Art of Tomb Raider' book.

Over the coming months Planet Lara will be bringing you an exclusive look into the making of this brand new art book."

>> Read the full press release here. (http://www.planetlara.com/underworld/article0026.asp)

11th May 2008, 14:07
Fantastic stuff! I hope it's not segmented and limited as the japanese Tomb Raider Artbook. :thumbsup:

11th May 2008, 17:37
That's amazing! I'm so excited!