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9th May 2008, 12:50
First of all, I used to be a regular poster in PDX since 2002 and stopped after some time after DXIW was released.
I recently found out a third game is on the way so I immediatly had to go through DX & IW. I hope this one will surpass the first though I admit I don't have high expectations as I had when IW was in development.

Now to the subject:
I wonder what sort of setting people are expecting, as I had an idea of how it might be ever since I finished IW for the first time.
I ask that people don't post prequel ideas, as I want to dedicate this thread to setting ideas for a sequel.

This is the setting I imagine:

The world is ruled by Helios who rules through the minds of a highly organized and powerful, augmented society, one that at mere seconds can be rallied to a single goal, and communicate with mere thoughts. They all live in their always expanding great cities.
But some people seemed to have immunity to the massive nanite infusion:

The Omar - Who have already gone through transformation to unite their minds into one cannot be changed by the means JC used in 2072.

The Templars - Who secretly made themselves immune to nanite infusions before the rise of Helios. They got scattered after Saman's death and need a new leader.

Biomodified people - Who were infused with the Piezochem biomodification seem to be able to block Helios to their mind, which led him to start a purge of them in his great cities, some of them are the Illuminati commandos (hint).

These groups live outside the great cities trying to survive in what was left outside of the great cities.

Well... That's as far as I could get.

That's how I think it should look, I think it would be most logical to just make a combination of all endings again.

Please feel free to tell me how cheesy it sounds :p

9th May 2008, 14:12
It feels very 1984 if you know what I mean.

I like the ultimate control idea, and the Helios overlord type scenario. I think it would be cool if in some locations in the game, fighting was just not an option over flight. If Helios had neural control over citizens, and you set off an alarm in a crowded area, I'd like to see the pedestrians become an uncombatable (word?) mob. :eek:

Good post, and not cheesy IMHO. Realistic in terms of the consequences of the first two games...