View Full Version : Activation problem with TDS digital purchase from D2D site

7th May 2008, 23:11
I downloaded and installed the game. When i click the shortcut to play the game, a browser pops up, loads a gamespy domain page, and tries to connect me to the Internet(!?!?!?!) in order to activate the game. Then after a second or so, page reports the "Connection to the internet cannot be established" and that i should connect to the internet to activate my game. Anyone has this problem? Anyone who bought and downloaded the digital copy from d2d?

P.S. (Of course i am connected to the internet. Teh problem is elsewhere.)

8th May 2008, 00:08
Contact the people you purchased it from. Your system specs, would help us also.

Is it on VISTA, or XP?
What is your computer, a laptop, a desktop, what model and make.
What is your Video card etc.

The "internet" query is one you need to take up with D2D

Are you registered with Gamespy?