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5th May 2008, 21:14
Here's a question... did anybody develop a strange attachment to any items picked up in the game?

I only say this, because one time I lost my pistol that I started the game with, and reloaded to the beginning of the level to retrieve it. And that was in area51!

Is this wierd or did anyone else kinda feel attached to certain stuff?

5th May 2008, 22:39
Just like you mate! I would never switch my original items and weapons!

6th May 2008, 00:33
Same here. I modded my weapons so much, I never felt comfortable with any other. I even did not want to arm Gunther Hermann, or Gilbert Renton. The few times that I dumped a weapon, I only did it when I was sure that I would never pick up that any copy of that weapon for the rest of the game (like when I dumped the Dragon's tooth for the Plasma Rifle, and vice versa). Although I did not restart the game from a very early level, for having lost a personal item, I did search through a whole pile of weapons (at the MJ12 prison), when I accidentally dropped my weapon into the pile of weapons that I had created on the floor. I was always careful to not loose my personal weapons, otherwise. Sure, sometimes I left a weapon at a place, so I could make space for another, but I would always come back to get my original weapon back, when I wanted to dump that temporary weapon.

13th May 2008, 15:50
Gilbert! That's his name, totally forgot it.

As for the loss of my pistol, it was on the big express elevator that takes you down from the bomb site. I was messing about, and tossed my pistol at the roof to see if it would bounce. It went through the roof of the lift, and embedded itself near the top surface, so that it was partially visible, but not grabbable, from above. I was wierded out to no end. :scratch:

13th May 2008, 17:26
Same with me. Gunther wanted my pistol? He can go @%#* himself, this is MY gear.

Actually, I dropped my ultra-super-mega pistol of love onto the desk, picked up one from the dead NSF troop, and gave Gunther that one.

14th May 2008, 01:17
That wasn't me. I gladly handed Gunther over my pistol, and after the guards outside his cell were dead, I picked up one of their pistols.

You know, I think I might have lost my pistol in that very same lift, only I think I threw it somewhere which I couldn't get to.

14th May 2008, 04:00
I didn't have too many problems dropping weapons for different ones or just to make space for some other items. Towards the end of the game i did develope quite a fond attachment to my pistol though.