View Full Version : Do NOT have orchestra music in DX3

4th May 2008, 19:07
I think the threads title speaks for itself.

Honestly, don't WASTE your money on hiring an orchestra for the music to make it feel 'epic' or whatever industry slang you gave it; the reason is, you'll be wasting your money. Here's why, we all grew up on DX1 .utx music, we don't have high expectations except that it fits into the ambient feeling of it; moreover, 'orchestra' music does not fit into a 'cyberpunk' themed game at all - trust me - you should just use the same .utx style music, heh heh heee. Spend you're money on a decent story writer, give it 3 months extra try&test (like Dx1 did and DX2 DIDN'T have),etc... remember, what made Deus Ex so great was its subtlety, story, gameplay, and this includes the music, except Hong Kong, it was purely blatant and in your face for the cultural shock feeling.

And bring back the Hong Kong Music!! ;)

4th May 2008, 19:58
I do agree but there's already a music thread. I hope they'll listen to you though.