View Full Version : So how many times did you play DX/DXIW?

4th May 2008, 08:35
I'm asking out of sheer curiosity. :p

I've played the original and IW five separate times now. Obviously, the graphics are not so hot compared to the new games today, but the story and gameplay of DX still surpasses the new games - I know many will agree. When there is nothing on the market that captures my imagination, I play DX again just to get my 'fix', if you like, hehe. :)

Maybe I'm just one of those sad people who should get a life, ha!.... or maybe I appreciate games that are 'classics'. I spend more time playing Thief fan missions than I do on new titles. Sure, I've played the likes of Bioshock but was disappointed with it. Stalker was probably the only good one out of the bunch. No wonder I am too excited about DX3 - my life is on hold. :D

4th May 2008, 10:00