View Full Version : DX3 UNOFFICIAL TRACK by me

3rd May 2008, 19:18
I'm greatest fan of first DX, so when I read that will be third part of that awsome game - I try myself in making soundtracks for new game.
This is my first track so be kind for me ;)
Any advices will be great ;)
Fell free to download and comment, THX ;]


3rd May 2008, 20:10

I really don't like the first 13 seconds. From 41' it becomes much more interesting and I found it quite good!

At 41' you have some well implemented bass but it should be much stronger like on "MJ12".

3rd May 2008, 21:23
i thought it was too basic at the start but towards the end it improves a lot, lose the cheesy explosions!
the background melody fill added towards the end should feature more.

4th May 2008, 06:53
really disliked the beginning, but it definitely improves as it goes on.
I wouldn't be all that upset if this was what at least some of the games tracks are like!

4th May 2008, 07:46
It's pretty good but the beginning needs work.

4th May 2008, 23:43
What software do you use? (I'm a Reason man)
and yeah, i think you should shift the focus to be less on the drum beat and more on that melody in the background at around 1:20. well, that's just what I'd do.
As for the start, i dont know, Instead of beginning with the percussiony type loop, then drums, then that synth/string sound, maybe i would start with the synth, or start it all at the same time. actually, i would change the sound you've got in the first few seconds, perhaps. maybe make it fuller, bassier, and perhaps a tiny bit of reverberation? I think it sounds a little bit weak.

Also, the main theme would obviously NEED to be a variation of the original main theme. If you like I've got a midi of the basic tune.

6th May 2008, 13:58
Definitely music for the 'action phase', you know when you get attacked :)

13th May 2008, 23:23
Kryniu&Darkone come back! :D

13th May 2008, 23:36

I really don't like the first 13 seconds. From 41' it becomes much more interesting and I found it quite good!

At 41' you have some well implemented bass but it should be much stronger like on "MJ12".

Totally my statements. Needs work on the part that is < 41 seconds long.

14th May 2008, 14:36
Ok, my turn.

will take you to my music page. First song that plays should be my DX Theme.
It's still very very drafty, though.

And yes, this is partly just a ploy to increase my publicity :whistle:

14th May 2008, 14:51
Not sure whether I like it. But I didn't hear it very well. Gonna do that when I have more time.

14th May 2008, 14:58
i dare say you heard the wrong track. because i literally only just submitted it, and myspace takes a while to process songs before they appear. you'll know its the right one when you hear it, i basically copied Brandon's midi sequence.

14th May 2008, 15:22
What's it called? Splintate?

14th May 2008, 15:27
no lol, hold your freaking horses.
myspace hasn't finished converting it from mp3 to myspace-streaming-format yet. it's called DX Theme or something.
Check again in a little while.
I also should probably apologise for telling you before it appears. I guess I underestimated your responsiveness:rolleyes:

18th May 2008, 15:45
Alright it's there now. Again, sorry for messing people about, I blame Myspace.
Anyway, i think i should change the midi a bit.

I've played around with the midi on my pc but havn't uploaded the most recent version. I'm going to get the other half of my band to record the guitar track.
again, www.myspace.com/heartlessslug (http://www.myspace.com/heartlessslug), if you cant be bothered scrolling up.

19th May 2008, 11:22
Since others are doing this, I did some Deus Exish type tracks that I posted here:



19th May 2008, 12:58
i think the first one was most reminiscent of the actual DX music, but it was my least favourite.
my most favourite was the second one, you could turn that into some kind of rnb thing, if you, you know, were best buddies with justin timberlake.