View Full Version : Deus Ex 1 Tactics to re-use in DX3?

2nd May 2008, 22:23
First thread i've posted (If theres a similar one just tell me, but I couldnt find one)

Hey everyone, just wondering what your tactics were in DX1, and if you re-use the same tactic on your first play-through of Deus Ex 3!

I used the sneak/stealth, by using Enhanced Vision to see through walls, and then Run Quiet to run up behind them to stun/whack with Dragoon Tooth Sword :D

2nd May 2008, 22:33
I used a combination of gunning down people and stealth, with more emphasis on the gunning. With the exception of killing Leo Gold in the first mission, I pretty much fulfilled my objectives to the letter. However, I would take the rooftop route to the warehouse where the vaccine was being stored
Then later in China, I initially avoided shooting people in Versalife, but I would have a heck of a time getting out before I went back in to destroy the UC. But when it finally came to killing all my enemies, I used it a LOT more. Except in the silo with Howard Strong, where I died often until I figured out the best tactics for approaching a cluster of MJ-12 commandos for example(I could be wrong, but something like that happened.

3rd May 2008, 00:01
Throw TNT crates to open some doors and destroying some bots
Throw chemical barrels to make people unconscious.
Throw some items to distract an enemy
Use a scramble grenade to make the bots friendly during an instant
Use the turrets against my enemies bot, transgenics, humans
Use the bots against my enemies with a simple computer
Kill the big bot with my dragons' tooth
Use friendly mutants - animals to make disorder in a place (like the two greasels in the Versalife lab)
Use my pistol like a short range sniper rifle
Use an NPC to kill your enemy
Make a barrier with crates (But I want it works only with med or big crates)
Use non lethal weapons
Go silent ...
Burn people with a flamethrower or an other napalm - fire device based
Use gas mines
Destroy corpses with an explosive device
Move a corpse to an other location
Explore big / huge levels to find some hidden infos
Fire on a mine to explode it.
Use some biomods

3rd May 2008, 00:57
Throughout the entire game when you are WITH UNATCO, I only killed 1 terrorist, simply because I knew they were good.

you know how hard that is? lol.:mad2: