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Michael Fender
2nd May 2008, 14:31
Sorry if this has been answered all ready. I tried looking everywhere. It seems no one has had the same problem.

When I put the CD into the drive, it spins but a lot more noisily than usual. Nothing happens for a few seconds then the spinning stops, so I go My Computer and it has the CD icon on a hard disk there, and the cursor has a little CD next to it spinning, but if I try to open it it locks up. So wtf?

By the way, I realise it may just be a blank disc that wasn't written properly.

2nd May 2008, 20:37
I presume this is a legitimate EDIOS or other company CD?

If so, get back to the people who sold it to you, and ask for a replacement.

If not, you are out of luck, and further posts regarding this will be deleted.

23rd Jul 2008, 02:25
Personally I think it's pretty rude to suggest that someone may be using a fraudulent copy just because they made a post like this. I have the same problem but it only occurs from time to time. It gives the message "cannot confirm Original Disk" or something like that. I've had this game a few years now and have never been able to play it. I've never seen a game with so many bugs in my 25 years as a gamer. Apart from the afore mentioned problem, which I could live with if it weren't for the fact that - as far as I can tell, cut scenes will not play at all (no intro sequence whatsoever after the nvidia thing), but then I've never managed to get much past the options screen because - Garrett seems to be on auto run forwards and this makes the game unplayable. Also, I cant scroll down the control options as it keeps going to the top of the page. I dont have any problems like that with any other game so it's not a case of a stuck key on my keyboard. Just out of curiosity I tried a different keyboard and also different USB ports for each keyboard with the same result. And that's pretty much before I even get to the game propper, which other people seem to be finding more and more problems with the further they progress.
It's a shame that such a good series has come to this but it's time my copy hit the garbage pile instead of gathering dust on my shelf.
Perhaps if certain developers/publishers spent more time releasing finished products instead of making off-the-cuff insults against their end users this kind of thing would eventually become a thing of the past. More fool us for buying such products.

23rd Jul 2008, 16:54
Musesoperman, I did not accuse him of not having a legitimate copy. The problem of the disc not reading is possibly a faulty copy, or a copy copy. That is one reason a not read fault occurs.

The recourse is to contact the seller and request a replacement. If it was purchased from a regular dealer, then it should be returned for exchange,
if it was purchased on line, then the seller is the responsible party.

I agree, too many games are released with bugs. However, it is often the users computer that is causing some of the problems. I am not defending EIDOS or other game producers, but it is nearly impossible to test a game against every possible computer configuration.

And even more difficult to attempt to assist a person with a question without the data about the system they are attempting to install the game to, or to play it on.

In this instance, there is little information other than the disc won't read.

24th Jul 2008, 01:41
Well I guess it's a fair point that a lot of problems are caused by differing system specs but, on the other hand, there seems to be a growing trend where games are being released with bugs that are evident on all system types. It seems to me that there are two reasons for this; firstly, publishers are increasingly pressuring developers to meet deadlines they simply can't keep (especially when it is anounced that another company are about to release a game from a similar genre, and, secondly, the growing popularity of the internet and its community seems to be making everyone involved in game production far more lazy than they used to be. The general attitude is "well it works ok, if there are any problems we can just release a patch or two.". This trend worries me and it further isolates people in areas where the internet is difficult to either obtain or afford.

(on a side note: another thing that worries me is the HUGE difference in generated and sustainable income that comes from online games. The development costs are not vastly greater than they are for a stand alone single player game yet the profit/work ratio vastly outweighs those of a standard game. Already, online games are on the increase and I can see the possibility that this situation will only get worse and we will see more and more games being produced that are online only or with a greater focus on online elements and single player content thrown in as an extra feature rather than the core of the game. Luckilly, consoles haven't quite caught up in terms of online gaming as yet and cross-platform porting is currently keeping the stand alone game a viable financial option. But only just.)

Anyway, my off-topic stuff aside, have you ever come across the problem I have with Garrett constantly moving forward and if so is there any solution? It doesn't happen when the keyboard is disconnected but as far as I'm aware it's impossible to play with mouse alone!?

24th Jul 2008, 05:36
I sent you a PM. But if the keyboard is a USB, and the movement stops when the Keyboard is disconnected you have basically answered your own question. You need a standard keyboard or an adapter USB to PC input.

25th Jul 2008, 04:50
well, not looked at the links yet but thanks for the effort :)

25th Jul 2008, 05:13
ugh..read the threads...even looked around some fan sites linked IN the threads. Didn't see anything about USB or keyboards anywhere. Mainly loads of stuff about graphics card issues, tweaks, and people with weird sytems specs. I tried using a keyboard with an old pc connection but that didnt even register with windows so I guess I'm out of luck. Pretty ironic considering the movement is as smooth as butter on top settings without any of the problems other people mention :mad2: