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1st May 2008, 21:36
Hi all.

I recently heard about Deus Ex 3 and Im excited about it. The first one was one of my favorite games that I got when it first came out. I got it as a gift and the story really intrigued me. The second one was interesting to play but not as rewarding and "predictable". I played the online player version for years and adored it as well. I like to add my 2 cents on what the third sequel should be although some of these might be repeats.

- More Augmentation or biomod slots. Perhaps the Mods could be multi tasked meaning the user can switch mod functions.

- More creative biomods as opposed to mere repeats of the first one. I know some people might disagree with this but it will give the game an edge. For example there could be an elevation or flying Mod!
or how about a spying mod where the agent can morph to look like someone else. For example morph into a recently killed subject ( Soldier, Guard).

- More control over the surrounding environment. The first one was better at this. For example more object physics involved. It would be nice to be able to throw objects at people:)

- PLEASE bring back the kicking punching option:)

-More levels and maps. The first one again was loaded with these. There were underwater maps, rooftops, tons of outdoors maps etc. that made things so much more interesting.

- I kinda liked the idea of Weapons mods although having only two slots was a drag. It would be nice to mod one weapon to perfection.

-Last but no least the story line. The story and the twists made the first game so interesting and kept you playing. Not knowing what was going to happen and finding the facts slowly. Also having the option to pick your fights and never knowing who to trust. It shouldn't be predictable.

Anyways, my two cents. Feel free to debate these.

4th May 2008, 00:56
All good comments.:o

7th Jul 2008, 05:14
Thanks for the feedback.

Tracer Tong
7th Jul 2008, 10:46
talk about bumping..