View Full Version : Lag in game, not menus

30th Apr 2008, 20:12

I've seen this discussed in a few threads but I haven't found any answeres to it yet.

Basically the game loads fine, I can see the opening video fine but as soon as I go into the campaign, the game becomes unplayable, fps must be at a frame every few secs.

I've tried changing keyboards and even unplugging the keyboard completely while the games playing (I had my xbox controller plugged in at the time).

I've played this game before on my pc without this problem, but since then I've done a re-install and upgraded my graphics card. From a 8600 GTS Overclocked to an ATI 3870 x2. I have an E6600 Core 2 duo and 3gb Ram, so theres no reason, even on low settings, not to get a really good frame rate.

Any help?

2nd May 2008, 07:38
Ok, answered my own question!

It looks like possible a dual GPU problem, I had to disable Crossfire AI, and now the game is extremely smooth.

Not sure if this might help someone else!