View Full Version : ABILITIES Leap attack

21st Dec 2013, 03:38
The hit detection on this seems a bit off. It's fine if you're on the same level as the target and relatively close.

But trying things like leaping up or down stairs or very long distances fail more often than not, either landing early or seemingly flying over the targets head. Leaping down stairs is the worst, I haven't landed a single leap like that, either landing early (and doing some odd double pounce thing) or flying over the top.

Relative to the other pounces it's a lot harder to score a hit at the very least

29th Jan 2014, 04:39
Today, I found that if you use the Leap Attack on stairs (or an inclined surface) you'll leap much farther than normal. This has me usually zooming completely over my intended target. I encountered this in my last session of the day. so I'll try it out again tomorrow.