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Tracer Tong
26th Apr 2008, 18:28
How about making DX3 look more like the next title of Super Mario?



Source (http://pixeloo.blogspot.com/)

This is a joke, for those who don't get it. The graphics don't really matter that much to me. This is simply the best graphics that we can provide. Ever. It is real graphics. It makes Mario looks horrifyingly ugly and homer too.

26th Apr 2008, 18:52
Old news. Deus Ex should blend a Tomb Raider type feel with the original game and they will have a hit on their hands. A stylish blend of old and new I say :D.

Tracer Tong
26th Apr 2008, 18:55
These images are a mockery of the gaming industry as it is now - thriving for absolute realism. Look what it turned Mario and Homer into :eek:

26th Apr 2008, 22:34

I found a post about graphics i think you can add your opinions

27th Apr 2008, 07:21
Heya - Itsa ME - BIG NOSE!


One thing I've definately noticed is that games which have some kind of stylised look to their graphics tend to age MUCH MUCH better than a straight ultra-realistic shooter. Thats why a lot of early platformers still look OK even today - Its simply a case of having a look thats quite stylised (Often out of necessity) and I think there needs to be more consideration given to that.

Obviously it doesn't need to be taken to extremes though, a little bit of style goes a loooooong way.
You could argue, for instance, that Film Noire is a style, a way of filming the scenes as well as certain methods of story telling used in them and to this day those old films still maintain a certain cult following.

That said, I expect that DX3 will be of a sufficient level of quality that it wouldn't need stylising anyway, so I'm dealing in moot points again. Far as I'm concerned, its far more important that there is a balanced focus on all aspects of the game, partly because no one can agree what was best about DX1, some might say the story, others the gameplay, others the fact you could ignore the story for a bit to play some pool, others might suggest its because of the exploration they could do, others might put forward the choice of multiple endings and some might put forward the graphics (Bear with me here) - If you think about it, theres something about the way the world and the game looks (Carried by the graphics engine as well as the design of the locations) that helps to give the game that special feel, that could be the hardest thing for the DX3 dev team to pull off - DX:IW often looked and felt rather clinical even outside the arcologies where the have nots live.

Oh, and scalability in the graphics is always good, not everyone has a 3Ghz quad core system running at 1600FSB speed (Those processors have only just come out in the UK and are a song at £1000!), that said, wonder what computers we'll all have by xmas 08 and xmas 09?

27th Apr 2008, 16:52
I think that one thing that would be graphically cool would be the merging of HUD and foreground layers. So you can see your crowbar hit a doorframe and see it react, or see a knife penetrate a guard's flesh.

28th Apr 2008, 02:31
The Graphics should Put Crysis To Shame!

28th Apr 2008, 15:33
Deus ex should be as realistic as possible in order to break down the barrier between real and imaginary, life and game. the same goes for AI and Physics etc. we need to break down the barriers that can block deep immersion.

rather than use incredibly poor unrealistic examples such as Homer who was never meant to look real, we should look towards such games as half life 2 and crysis to see what more realistic graphics bring to the table. in my opinion they were a definite leap in the right direction.

i cannot even bring myself to play many of the earlier games now as the graphics are such a block to my immersion.

the less real something is then it will be less immersive, yes the game may be immersive in spite of this but that is not an argument for poor unrealistic graphics as they are a hinderance and not a benefit.

yes more stylised games can be good and can be effective but in my opinion never as effective as realism, where YOU are the main character and the world you see on the screen is now your world, your world translates better when it actually looks believable, it is therefore more convincing and immersive.

everyone gets caught up in the great graphics `or` argument but i prefer the great graphics `and` argument. lets strive for better, not hold back our expectations, otherwise games would never progress.

to me a game is where i play the hero in a movie and i want to believe that i am there for real.

deus ex fan
3rd May 2008, 01:07
i totally agree with paul denton......

4th May 2008, 17:25
Well I totally agree with Larington!

- Games with purely "realistic" graphics age terribly. Two years from their release, they won't look impressive anymore. If that.

- Few people can afford computers powerful enough to play new-release games on the highest settings, especially with high-resolution LCDs. By the time you can afford to upgrade, the next generation of games will have been released and Deus Ex 3 will look crummy in comparison.

- Does Eidos Montreal have the bucks or experience to compete with the likes of Crytek or Epic in terms of graphics sophistication? The Tomb Raider Legend engine has already been surpassed by these other companies.

- Is there even a "right direction" in terms of artistic style? I would argue no.

- In my opinion, immersion in games is not related to the realism of the graphics or theme at all. RPGs for example are incredibly immersive (see EverQuest addiction), despite the popular use of fantasy themes and low quality graphics.

- Eventually people will tire of realistic-themed graphics that inevitably fall short of being realistic. So many of the "innovations" in current shooters are simply implementations of ideas that have been featured in action movies for over 20 years! If the developers can't bring something unique to the table, the game will be soon forgotten.

- The less time spent compensating for a limited graphics engine, the more time can be spent on improving the detail and quality of the game (the stuff people will remember in years to come). 3D Realms are probably the only game studio in the world that can afford to spend 200 years perfecting a single game. Everyone else, Eidos Montreal included, will have to make compromises in order to meet their deadlines. This isn't a question of ideals, it's a question of money unfortunately.

- If you want, you could become a hero in real-life. In fact, you could probably do it in the time it will take Deus Ex 3 to be released :)

4th May 2008, 19:18
I found Deus Ex1 graphics beautiful, I love the gritty feeling, plenty of shadows, even the nerds (I'm thinking of the Communications Engineering) has a ugly cold-hardened look like he definitely experienced the civil war, even though he's suppose to be a computer nerd. Some bums that talk about war experience have facial scares that I could imagine they got in wartime or in peacetime! I honestly loved the lighting, the dragons tooth sword glows blue, the hellish red glow in Hong Kong Wanchai like you're really in the city of sin, the cold-steel blue in France when you talk down Paris & DuClares mansion....

Make the graphics stylized, but don't invest to much effort into making them realistic.

4th May 2008, 21:20
The most important thing is keeping the scale and complexity. GTA IV has shown us that you can model an entire city at once; the character models aren't photorealistic but convey just the right amount of information.

Instead of having a limited amount of bump mapped, normal mapped hi-resolution textures, Eidos Montreal should instead make thousands of unique lower-resolution textures, sounds, and modeled objects. Wouldn't it be more immersive to have a level be a whole city block in which you could enter each room in every building and find unique pictures, objects, and sounds than instead having every room be covered with the same beautiful hi-res texture?

Too few textures was the problem in DX2; the beautiful bump mapping and normal mapping held my attention for a few minutes, and then for the rest of the game I wanted to discover something that looked different.

Imagine sneaking into an NPC's apartment and discovering their persona by looking at the individual posters, photographs, equipment, and furniture in every room. If you saw a poster for a Mars miner's union, you could use the information you got to become friendly with the NPC later by pretending to be a union supporter. Who cares if DX3 used lower-res GTA IV style textures? It's the variety that puts you in an immersive world, not hi-res textures.

5th May 2008, 05:42
I agree completely with rhalibus that it would be better to focus on uniqueness of areas and improved gameplay than have identical super high res textures in every room. DX1 was not the most beautiful game of it's time, but the graphics did all that they had to do and they conveyed all that was necessary to give the right feeling to the player.

5th May 2008, 11:58
yea, hopefully they'll make the graphics that good. I can't think of anything I'd rather do than drop a couple thousand into another PC, or seriously upgrade the one I have.

5th May 2008, 16:38
@ rhalibus: Well said!

I would like to be able to enter the apartment of a subway worker, and get the maps of the new electrical equipment locations in his jacket pocket; or to enter the apartment of a photography student, and find a picture of the city from above, so I know where to snipe from, and from where I could get sniped; things like that.

deus ex fan
21st Jun 2008, 23:23
expect dystopian,post-apocalyptic,futuristic environments........something like "children of men" futuristic London........:)