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25th Apr 2008, 18:41
Do you love that feel when we wait for TRU, you now some new image, information.
And special day when we see a first trailer! I just love that feel!!!!!:)

What about you?

25th Apr 2008, 18:48
That feeling of total excitment that we are seeing a new image?

Yes, and the quite desperation when week after week waiting for something(just one picture) and that sinking feeling when there is nothing.:nut:

25th Apr 2008, 18:54
im feeling this right now ahhhhhhhhh 2008 is a great year :lol:

25th Apr 2008, 18:55
I'm psyched up for so many games including TRU. But since it's 8 months down the line till we have it in our greedy hands. :p

[ Right now it's for GTAIV.

In June, I can't wait to have MGS4.

Sometime down the line, I can't wait for Soul Calibur IV. (Do you see a trend ? LOL)

Can't forget Street Fighter IV but that could be a next year release. Still, I'm excited !

And finally Infamous and Prototype. :D ]

ETA: Unlike the previous games I had for previous consoles, I'm NOT trading in or losing any of these games. :thumbsup:

26th Apr 2008, 10:30
I cant wait! Im always annoying my friends talking about TRU.

Why when I press some keys in this text box doesnot appear the correct character? I tried with Microsoft Word and it worked well.
Is this another joke of the moderators like Lara turning into Laura?

26th Apr 2008, 17:05
Im always annoying my friends talking about TRU.

I now that feel! My friend and I even got spat beacose TR!

26th Apr 2008, 17:55
why would some one spit on u because of that? how annoying for u! i dont know whether its my fear of spit but thats a disgusting thing to do any way!!! :mad2: but were they friends of ur and WHY??

26th Apr 2008, 22:01
Do you love that feel when we wait for TRU, you now some new image, information.
And special day when we see a first trailer! I just love that feel!!!!!:)

What about you?

to be honest i totally agree... I love the feeling when you see the trailer for the first tim and you play it over just to satisfy the long wait we had to endure lol :)

2nd May 2008, 11:01
Yep, I definitely know that feeling :lmao:
And I just can't wait for the 1st trailer :rolleyes:

10th May 2008, 05:07
Only 6 or 7 months to go depending on if TRU will be a November or December release.

The months will jump. ;)

10th May 2008, 06:56
It makes my day to hear updates about TRU. It'll be out in no time!

10th May 2008, 10:13
I hope they won't be giving too many pics... I want to be surprised by the new locations, I don't want to know everything beforehand! (but I don't have the strong will to keep myself from looking at new pics :mad2: :nut: )
If anything, show concept artworks :]

10th May 2008, 12:18
I like waiting but the more i wait the more i want it and the more impatient i get and more annoying to my family because i constantly talk about it.
I would love some more screenshots of the level we have been shown so far or another one. And a trailer would also be very nice but that may be with the next few months, hopefully!!!!!

1st Jun 2008, 20:18
It's already JUNE !

I'm more psyched up because it's only approximately 5 more months to go. Hey, if the first 6 months of this year flew by, the next 5 months are NOTHING. :D

1st Jun 2008, 20:40
So true NR (hope u dont mind me calling you that) 5 months hopefully and i heard in the summer we are getting a trailer so :D
This summer is going to be great not just about TR:U, i just hope we get a bit more since we have gone a while without nothing now, i am getting slightly bored of waiting now.
But if they hadn't delayed the game it would have been in our hands by now, imagine that. But then again it would have been full of bugs and everything. So im hoping these 5 months are going to go really well.

Guardian of the Ankh
1st Jun 2008, 21:47
Yeah, especially if Eidos would offer some surveys or a place about how the people want their new Tomb Raider:scratch: