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23rd Apr 2008, 21:11
I try to make a poll for weapon features and options
Some votes have only one choice and insufficient choices if we can't encounter our wanted option we don't vote for the option.
Explain on your post what you want and how the weapon must act, if you agree with some optional features or want they can be an option say it all propositions are open :)


1/ Weapon maintenance
Weapon maintenance is the fact you need to repair your weapon when it's broken, in poor state etc. This can be aviable for all weapons, for melee, or ranged.

2/ Overheating
Overheating is the fact when you use automatic weapon the weapon can overheat and can have the next effects Stop firing during some seconds or stay on malfunction firing more powerful bullets. when you weapon reach a certain temperature your bullets makes more damage than cold bullets.

3)A/ True Reloadings
True reloadings is a true reload sequence

3)B/ DX 1 reloadings
Everyone knows the DX 1 reloading system you have a simplified reload animation and the length of the animation depends on your weapon skill and upgrades

4) Weapon shield resistance
This is only for melee weapons we can expand for others but it's for melee when your melee weapon is used to block an attack the weapon hit points are used to decide if your weapon can be broken or not

5) Projectile delay for bullet weapons
The projectile delay is a realm point; bullet weapon aren't hitscan weapons they have a velocity and it's make a balance between sniper rifle and other weapons

6)A/ DX 1 aiming
DX 1 aiming is semi realistic but not so it's a good system to make more difficult the rambo play style

6)B/ True aiming
Enables the use of the iron sight you can keep the crosshair or not and use the ironsight improve your aim

7)A/ Universal ammo
DX 2 system one ammo for all weapons

7)B/ Multiple ammo
DX 1 system one weapon multiple ammo like the mini crossbow or the shotguns

24th Apr 2008, 00:55
Hey, could you please tell me what you meant by "True Reloadings," and "True aiming?" I would also like to know what you meant by "Weapon shield resistance."

24th Apr 2008, 01:53
I assume he means by "true aiming" the use of ironsights and lack of a crosshair
by "true reloading" I think he means reloading when you reload, all of the non used bullets are still in the mag and aren't added to your ammo supply except in the form of the mag itself. So you'd have so many magazines with so much ammo in each if you didn't completely use them.

I'd like to see a system like crysis with a basic from the hip crosshair and iron sights.

24th Apr 2008, 07:53
Im not too bothered with the finer details but PLEASE PLEASE NO UNIVERSAL AMMO!!! get the point Eidos... We dont want IT!!!

24th Apr 2008, 09:08
Everything but universal ammo!!!

24th Apr 2008, 13:41
I think most these features can be options because each players wants different things some players wants to play as the old FPS or DX 2 maybe without the universal ammo.
If they add universal ammo that must be an option or toss this feature ...
For the aiming I propose the full realm option because if they are options players that wants full realm are happy and others that wants the DX 1 gameplay they can use the DX 1 aiming system.
Weapon maintenance can be a good option or not but I don't want my weapon break so often as SS2.
For the overheating I want this feature can be optional too and if this feature is implemented I want a system can use the heat as a strategy not only as an inconvenient.
For the true reloading I think a real animation and maybe a full realistic reload that includes some specs.
Weapon resistance for me it's only for melee because they can be used as a shield and a shield like the RF shield can be used as a strategic shield.

24th Apr 2008, 16:34
7)A/ Universal ammo 0 0%


24th Apr 2008, 19:28
1/ Weapon maintenance
Maybe. If it's done right. I put no, because I can hardly see it fitting into a DX1-like game (which everyone expects, though I'm not sure)

2/ Overheating
No. If the automatic weapons are from 10-60 years in the future, I believe that such mechanical problems as this would be overcome

3)B/ DX 1 reloadings
Nice and simple. I don't want a perfect simulation.

4) Weapon shield resistance
I put no, for the same reason as 1).

5) Projectile delay for bullet weapons
Yes! This makes clear differentiation between ammo types. I'm not a gun nut or anything, but I think that there HAS to be some show of difference between bullet velocities.

6)A/ DX 1 aiming
Really cool, fresh system, with upgrades etc.

7)B/ Multiple ammo
What else would they do...? ;)

24th Apr 2008, 19:55
One thing I minded about deus ex was having to sit and wait for the aiming reticule to focus, it created tension, but made combat very stationary in the early-to-mid game. Iron sights with focussed views and decent accuracy while moving would be nice, with the crosshair still there otherwise. Your character, is after-all 99% likely to be augmented.

25th Apr 2008, 17:48
Here are my picks:
DX 1 reloadings
DX 1 aiming
True aiming
Universal ammo
Multiple ammo

Before you jump at my throat, let me explain. :) First, overheating is logical, especially if DX3 will be a prequel. I like the realoading the way it is, so I don't se a need to change it. Though if you could explain "True reloading" a bit further, I might reconsider (if you mean something like in Gears of War, than no). The aiming was fine in DX1 but I'd also like to see aiming down the sight built in as well, so I want both of them.
Now, the last thing. I think universal ammo is a good idea (go ahead, start flaming...). But it should be done differently. I think there should be a basic, universal ammo for some types of weapons and special ammunition too. So, I'd like to see both options here as well. But of course if I had to pick only one of them, than it's Multiple Ammo for sure, I like to have as many options as possible.

28th Apr 2008, 10:12
Everything but universal ammo!!!


I hope it'll be most like DX1 really... a good balance between depth and simplicity. Different types of ammo for some weapons, but not so many that it becomes too complicated.

1) Weapon Maintenance.
No thanks... in my experience this is only ever frustrating and unnecessary.

2) Overheating
Maybe for some weapons. I dunno... I don't think this belongs in a game set far into the future really.

3) Reloading
DX1 system is best. Reload sequence should depend on skill.

4) Weapon shield resistance
Ugh, no.

5) Projectile delay for bullet weapons.
Yes. This should be subtle though, bullets are fast after all. Should vary slightly with ammo type.

6) Aiming
DX1 aiming please. None of this ironsights stuff. It's fun in CoD and such but doesn't belong in a DX game. Also, how would skills affect ironsight aiming? It would get too complicated.

7) Ammo
As I said before, I'd love multiple ammo types but keep it simple and most importantly, don't make it a necessity. In DX1 you could choose/pick up different types if you wanted, but it didn't make the game impossibly hard if you didn't. It just gave you an edge, and I think it should be kept that way. I'm not even going to mention universal ammo.

29th Apr 2008, 16:18
1) Weapon maintenance: only for balance- it'd be nice to have one or two uberweapons with the limit that they're finickety and unreliable, like all experimental weapons should be.

2) Overheating: another balance issue- if there's a heavy machinegun that you can carry around, it should overheat without the benefit of fixed cooling.

3) Reloading: I'd like timed reloads as in Gears, but with the window for an action reload widening as skill increases (and also the time penalty for a fluffed action reload reduced with skill). The base time to reload stays the same.

4) Weapon shield resistance: no. DX is a game of stealth and tactics (mostly), if you're in a melee fight against someone else with a knife/sword, you should be coming off badly even if you win. A melee button as in Halo/Gears might be worthwhile for one-handed pistols etc., but should still be a fairly weak option for getting out of a bad situation, not the Kick Of Death from Dark Messiah.

5) Projectile delay: only for snipers and the like. At close range, the time delay is so microscopic that it'd be <1 frame, and just feel marginally unfair.

6) Iron sights should be there for all weapons, as an alternative scope, with all the wobble at untrained levels as there was in DX1 (maybe a *little* less, I did feel a bit seasick at times). A scope replaces iron sights, but crosshairs stay except on Realistic (where you have to aim to get reasonable accuracy)

7) Both. Multiple ammo types per gun (where appropriate), plus universal ammo at a higher price and marginally reduced power/yield per unit of ammo. UA should be available for most, but not all, weapons, and fairly common, but generally an inferior option to specific ammo- it'll get you out of a tight spot where you need a weapon badly, but you can't rely upon it. Some weapons can't take UA for specific reasons-guided rockets (too sophisticated), gauss guns (several gauss magnetic fields can't be good for nanites), flamethrowers (nanites != petrol/napalm), but all "normal" weapons (pistols, rifles, AR/SMG, shotty) can.

(tl;dr: why have one when you can have it all!)

30th Apr 2008, 14:15
6)A/ DX 1 aiming
DX 1 aiming is semi realistic but not so it's a good system to make more difficult the rambo play style

6)B/ True aiming
Enables the use of the iron sight you can keep the crosshair or not and use the ironsight improve your aim

While I voted for True Aiming, really, I would like to see it combined with the DX1 style aiming, in that I would like to see the iron sight aim quivering, depending on the player character's skill level with the weapon. I know I am bringing up Operation Flashpoint to the point of being overbearing, but it is my gun standard (and, so an extent, my AI standard), but I would like to see my aim randomly moving within an invisible region (in DX1 this region was visible, sitting inside the narrowing cross hairs), as my aim steadies, over time.

In addition, I would like to see a slight delay (perhaps a few random number of milliseconds delay) between my pressing the fire button, and my player character's actually firing, during which time the gun aim could have moved off, thus giving the DX1 effect of the weapon firing only within a narrowing region, showing increased accuracy. Of course, if this is implemented, then I would like the maximum delay between my pressing the fire button and my player character's firing the shot decrease (though the time delay should always remain random), as my skill level increases. I think this will bring the DX1 style aiming to the iron sights (and this system could also be carried over to the scoped weapons), and also make upgrading the gun skills very rewarding.

15th May 2008, 05:34
I'd also like to see weapon mods utilised like in DX1 as opposed to the simpler choices in IW.

15th May 2008, 13:58
I think some weapons can be weapon mods, and I loved the scope mod convert a simple pistol to a sniper pistol was a great thing; but put in one weapon an assault rifle and a grenade launcher can be a great modification like put a submachine gun combined with flare launcher, or combine a shotgun and an assault rifle.
The laser sight was useful in the first game and make some tactics :D

15th May 2008, 14:56
I was so bummed that you couldn't fit a silencer to your stock pistol. I understand that that would have made the stealth pistol redundant, but so what?
oh and, scopes and silencers and grenade launchers and laser sights should be removable. oh and what about red-dot sights, i'd love to see some of them.

15th May 2008, 15:53
7) Both. Multiple ammo types per gun (where appropriate), plus universal ammo at a higher price and marginally reduced power/yield per unit of ammo. UA should be available for most, but not all, weapons, and fairly common, but generally an inferior option to specific ammo- it'll get you out of a tight spot where you need a weapon badly, but you can't rely upon it. Some weapons can't take UA for specific reasons-guided rockets (too sophisticated), gauss guns (several gauss magnetic fields can't be good for nanites), flamethrowers (nanites != petrol/napalm), but all "normal" weapons (pistols, rifles, AR/SMG, shotty) can.

Somthing like this would be REALLY great. I've been thinking about this alot and I beleave "not liking universal ammo" is just a cop-out excuse for not liking DX2 (when theres alot better reasons for not liking it:p)

Universal ammo has real potintial and dx2 just had a shot at it.

15th May 2008, 17:31
Universal ammo and some weapons with common ammo is a different thing, the stealth pistol and the standard pistol uses the same ammo; the difference with universal ammo is the fact you have no choice because the ammo is the same for all weapons. With multiple ammo we can choose if we want to carry only one kind of weapons that uses the same ammo or not that is the great difference. in DX 2 we have no choice, the ammo is the same for all.

For example:
An assault rifle, a sniper rifle, a machine gun and a minigun theses weapons can use the same ammo a 5.56x45 mm rounds or 7.62x51 mm rounds if we wants to use NATO rounds or the 7.62x38 mm if we have Russian guns ... we have a lot of rifle calibers, but it's just an example with well known cartridges.
If a player have a "small" inventory and he can carry only theses 4 weapons, these can act like an universal ammo because they uses the same cartridge, if we wants to use different ammo types we can mix the weapons take a 7.62x51 mm for the sniper rifle and the machine gun, uses the 7.62x38 mm for the assault rifle and uses the minigun with the 5.56x45 mm ammo.
A big choice of weapons and a lot of ammo types can allows a good variety of configurations.
I don't say I want a small inventory (Chrome's inventory was awful on this point and the multiple separations allows less choice) but it's only for the example I want to carry a several number of weapons and items Like the first DX or SS2.
I forgot to say a shotgun and a standard rifle doesn't uses the same ammo even if we can find grenade launcher cartridges with multiple bullets loaded on the cartridge thats can act like a shotgun with multiple bullets and the shotgun slugs are very different as rifle bullets.

Perhaps someones wants to make a system like DN Manhattan project and the idea looks like it.
Bullets for bullet/shells weapons (pistol, chaingun, and shotgun eats the same ammo in different proportions)
the Pipebombs (RL and pipebombs)
The "blob" ammo (Plasma cannon and blob gun used in different proportions too)

Uni ammo = One ammo for all weapons
Multiple ammo = one weapon various kinds of weapons and some common cartridges between some weapons.

In my opinion I think the logic is important even in fictional weapons but if someone's wants to get a limited number of ammo it's a choice ....

I don't critic the idea because it's a poll after all; but just don't wanted to miss the fact of uni ammo and multi ammo is different and doesn't allows the same things.

25th May 2008, 07:35
If this is a prequel, then stick with ammo that would be used. After all, the future here is not so far from our own time. No Universal/nanite ammo!

Use the 10mm round from DX 1 in pistols and SMGs, and a 306 (7.62 nato round, which is not likely to change soon) in rifles and light machine guns. Also, there is a version of the 7.62 round that has less powder which makes it much easier to silence, aka snooper sniper. Normally, it would be difficult to fully silence a standard 306 round like you could in DX 1.

Then, have a modern version of the 5.56 nato round for any assault rifles. I believe there are efforts now to improve the energy of this standard round, so we could have a reasonable expectation that it would be replaced by the time that the game would take place. I would quote a round, but I am too tired atm to think of it, or take the time to search for it :)

Also, there was some efforts at plasma/energy weapons in DX 1 (including the lame-brain gauss gun in IW), so maybe there could be some function where any energy weapon could tap into an augmented agent's reserves when needed. Or maybe that would make it too easy for the player.... I don't know. It's just an option. DX is all about the tricks, you know. lol

1. I want DX 1 aiming along with true aiming, or iron sights, except make them wavy and skill dependent like it would be in RL, while not distracting from gameplay. I've fired guns and they are not as easy to just hit something as you might think, especially on the fly. DX 1 captured an essence of this by forcing the player to slow down and aim at what they were firing. I liked the pace of combat in DX 1. It forced you to think.

2. No weapon maintenance. Cleaning is all that is anyways, and that can be assumed for the purpose of gameplay.

3. Yes for overheating, but only on light machine guns, mounted guns, and any energy weapon that could have lots of waste heat (aka; flamethrowers, plasma guns).

4. DX 1 reloadings with perhaps a sped-up reloading sequence that can be adjusted as the skill improves; like in CoD 4 with the reloading perk in multiplayer.

5. Weapon shield resistance sounds like more trouble then its worth. Um, no...

6. Yes projectile delay. I do share the concern that it may cause problems if not adjusted properly.

29th May 2008, 00:17
By the votes the only new thing desired by players is the projectile delay
the others things for realm aren't wanted by many.
The thing that the players don't want is the universal ammo.
we can continue to vote of course ^^.
I hope the next game will not put back that uni ammo as a base system of the game.