View Full Version : Trailer for TDS?

16th Apr 2008, 13:22
I was looking at the IMDB boards at Stephen Russell's new film Chatham.
Film and came across this, It is a trailer for TDS which I had not seen before it said it was only uploaded on 04/10/2008
Which to me is strange after being released 4Years ago!,unless. ;)
Nice trailer/ advert just the same though. I had not seen it before.


Shadow Creepr
16th Apr 2008, 14:39
I've seen other TDS trailers but I've never seen that specific trailer either. It is dated 2004 at the end of the clip so I wouldn't get your hopes up. Heh ;)

16th Apr 2008, 21:13
I remember seeing this video back in 2004, mainly because I recognized the music (which was taken from The Sword).

16th Apr 2008, 22:01
I also recognised the music, but that video makes it sound like it's meant to be played as a carousel goes round.

16th Apr 2008, 22:53
I had not seen that trailer at all to be honest,though I found it odd and interesting it was shown so recently. There could a sudden up sales of the game. :rolleyes:
I liked the end when Garrett says "What is your's can be mine!"

17th Apr 2008, 11:15
Too much violence portrayed in that vid, thats not how Garrett operates usually.

17th Apr 2008, 12:35
I do agree about the violence they were not showing enough stealth and sneaking about, for him,which is his main game.
Though a Blackjack I have used a fair bit.:o
It was the fact it is still being realised,and promoted which is good!.
I did think some of the screen shots were good.

17th Apr 2008, 16:01
Too much violence portrayed in that vid, thats not how Garrett operates usually.
Of course they're not going to show him sneaking around the whole time. To a lot of people that is boring. Violence/action is much more appealing to the majority. Plus, not many people have the patience these days.

18th Apr 2008, 08:22
I actually happened to download this trailer from gametrailers only a few months ago, was the first time I saw it too.

I really like the end quote :rolleyes:

"What is locked - can be opened.
What is hidden - can be found.
What is yours - can be mine."