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Tracer Tong
15th Apr 2008, 11:18
Hey people,
I've been around on these forums for quite some time and I have noticed a strange, but so common, phenomenon. The 'EIDOS PEOPLE PLEASE READ' topics.

We're grown people, am I correct? Then what is wrong with you? Most chances are that the so called 'devs' won't even read your (non)suggestive post.

It's just pointless, and other games which have had forums to increase PR by 'constantly reading the forums' never even added one feature which was demanded by the fanboys, except from the obvious ones.

Just trust the Tomb-Raider-playing (a joke on the recently posted video) 'devs' and game designers and let them do their job. They already have enough material from 'Deus Ex 3 - What to Keep/Toss' post and many, many other.

That's it.

15th Apr 2008, 11:43
I completely agree, our community talks but is inaudible.

Months ago I tried to create a main thread where every aspect of the game was to be briefly commented by the users. The thread was to be locked and the first post frequently updated in order to present the various opinions.

-Alcool effects
-Black market
-Character (hero, main, key)
-Character (NPC, interactions)
when shot at:
when hit:
when bump into:
-Character (NPC, behaviour)
guards' patrols
guards' reaction to a suspicion
guards in alert
guards movements and accuracy when shot at
-commoners' daily life
-Collector's Edition (content)
-Inventory (slots, weight)
-Keypads typing
-Health system
-Hud, interface, menus
-Hacking (skill-based or minigame?)
-Lockpicking (skill-based or minigame?)
-Money (amount)
-Noise (stances)
-Personality, reputation
-Reading (newspapers, books, datacubes, memo, emails...)
-Scripts ("√* la" Doom III, Fear)
-Skills (less, more)
-Traps (set by and against the player)
-Weapons (attachments management)

Unfortunately it turned out for some reason it didn't work out so instead we posted the useful but much less ambitious Important discussion threads list [look here first] (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=75249)

I still think we need to create a central and locked thread containing brief opinions on the features of the game and link that thread to "satellites", small threads which deal with specific aspects and allow discussion and debates.

15th Apr 2008, 14:54
I agree, although there's little to be done about it. Every day new people register, look at the top 3 topics and start a new one of their own (and generally make a fool out of themselves), it's just the dynamic of these forums.

15th Apr 2008, 15:59
Yah..even though I started a few topics that could had gone into the same thread I feel ashamed. Anyway why don't we just get the top ten threads
together that have the most relevance and make them into a sticky or something.

15th Apr 2008, 18:34
Dunno about that, I'm hoping there will be some point where they'll basically make a statement along the lines of "We're past conceptualisation stage and you'd probably best be aware that radical large suggestions simply won't get through", but, err, thats probably wishful thinking.

Perhaps its better to treat this forum as a site where people are attempting to exercise their creative energies more than make a valid suggestion regarding the upcoming game.


What would be worse, imho, is if people weren't making suggestions and until further material is released by the devs, we wouldn't have much to talk about and this forum board might turn into a ghost town...

However if this interview is still accurate, hopefully we will have a new non suggestion based thing to talk about sometime during the summer:

"I would like to say that by summer next year we'll have a couple of big things to show. It wouldn't be in our favor to wait until 2009 or whatever to show something. We're confident in what we're doing, so we'll definitely want to release some content eventually. So fans shouldn't despair, I'd expect more information on what we're doing next summer."

Theres a facebook group called Deus Ex 3 - Eidos Montréal forum that you may find of interest, just, please, don't go spamming it with your ideas, thats what this place appears to be for.

Oh and lastly, trying to control how people behave on forums without extensive and active moderator support is very difficult, especially considering that your average excited new forumite won't realise the wisdom of using the search function before openning his, err, typing hands (It's called passion)... I regret I am often guilty of this myself, though I have at least tried to focus on replying to existing threads rather than creating new ones.

That said, it occurs to me its not impossible to design the new thread function so that the text box defaults to display "Please use the search function to check if your thoughts are already being discussed before creating a new thread...", its perhaps a tad bit totalitarian, but a better method than simply expecting people to automatically use the new thread button without using search function first. (And possibly then stop putting that default message in after the poster has done 100 replies)

Tracer Tong
16th Apr 2008, 13:37
There ARE forums (and plenty of that kind) which have each new topic approved by a moderator before being publicly viewed. While this action could lead to the alleged future death of the forum, being temporarily (until new material comes out) active could be useful.

Oh and a huge warning of "Please use the search button before creating a new thread" is possible and very healthy to the forum.

16th Apr 2008, 19:12
According to information provided to me by a guy from Eidos, a new community manager has been engaged.

16th Apr 2008, 22:30
Engaged? What, the community manager is getting married? Warp factor 9? :rasp:

Enough bad puns to warrent summary execution?

16th Apr 2008, 23:45
Hired sorry. The french word is "engagé" you know... :D

Tracer Tong
17th Apr 2008, 18:28
Let's hope the new one can filter the good stuff from these forums.

Bumping the forum's best posts, anyone? :rasp: