View Full Version : A few Ideas for Sommerdam.

20th Dec 2013, 04:50
I'm loving the look of the Sommerdam Lore Post I'm not in the alpha so I don't know whats already in it but since this is a live game its always possible to add more so I wanted to put a few ideas in and ask a few questions.


- since it close to the walls of Meridian perhaps a volley of flaming arrows could occasionaly be fired from the garrison in Meridian trying to clear out the fort. meaning everyone humans and vampires have to seek shelter to avoid the arrows

- Forges, you mentioned the Dumahim also being skilled craftsmen in an earlier warpost it be cool if there were forges in the fort that Dumahim and Ironguard could man and create armor upgrades for soldiers within. meaning controlling the forges would give one side an advantage.

- Weather system, make this map at night also, the occasional storm would make it more epic


- you mentioned you were planning to integrate new game modes beside deathmatch and I was wondering will these game modes be map specific or will every map have access to them? Map specific would be pretty lore friendly.

- As the war escalates will we see the other 3 forts you mentioned become battle grounds? like winterdam or something to that effect.