View Full Version : Achievements to PC version

13th Apr 2008, 14:29
Hi all!

Anyone knows if PC version will get achievements. I thinks achievements are always welcome. Some interesting staff to complete the game 100%.

I hope PC version will have achievements. It could be included throw GFW LIVE! or STEAM.

13th Apr 2008, 14:47
Asuming you have the 360 version and you get achievements, are they unlocked by finding relics and completing time trials, I guess right? T

They certainly are fun, but on the PC which is easily moddable, an achievement system like XLIVE's would be heavily rigged and fake...

Anyways, on the PC it' just get the relic, unlock a cool thing in the game like outfit..

14th Apr 2008, 18:53
Achievements are those things like make sure Lara doesn't die or Kill the T-Rex in a certain amount of time, right?

Those are only for xbox360, right?

I looked them up on gamespot so I kinda know what you mean.

I thought they were a special to getting ranks on xbox live or a points thing on how well you've mastered the game.

I don't really know though, I have a ps2 w/ no internet connection.

Its not fare, :( Why did xbox360 and wii get better content and stuff than the ps2 version? :(

14th Apr 2008, 21:45
Because the users of those versions came like, way after the basic PS2 editions? ;) But even with all the differences between the PS2/Wii/360 versions, you can still wonder why the PSP versions contained outfits/gameplay modes unseen anywhere else.