View Full Version : Tomb Raider Underworld on ps2?

12th Apr 2008, 23:26
I was just wondering if tomb raider underworld was gonna be on ps2? we have a ps3 but its my dads:( and idk if i can get it on there T_T.

12th Apr 2008, 23:58
Yes, it is going to be on PS2 too. :)

13th Apr 2008, 00:49
YESSS i also got a ps2...well, and a wii too but from what ive noticed and ive heard, ps2's graphics are better than wii's. Is it true?

13th Apr 2008, 20:06
Of course not. Even GameCube offered better graphics than PS2, and since the Wii is slightly better than the former, PS2 does not offer better graphics than the Wii. It all depends on the developers to push the platforms capabilities to the limit, which they always do with the PS2 but rarely with the Wii.

13th Apr 2008, 23:38
will it also be for the PSP:scratch:

13th Apr 2008, 23:45
It has not been confirmed by Eidos themselves just yet, but it's most likely to be since the last two outings were. :)

14th Apr 2008, 05:16
Yay! hooray for ps2! :D ty Treeble!