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12th Apr 2008, 23:06
One thing I liked about Deus Ex was that I got to go to China and France. It introduced me to diffrent cultures. For example I had no idea how many adds were in china before playing Deus Ex. I also didn't realize that there were so many small shops in china. Most of this was unnoticeable because you were occupied by the kill switch but as you walked through china exploring you soon realized just how diffrent life was in china. This manly had to do with good mapping. It was a type of researched mapping, the mappers understood the culture and the life style. This bleeded over into there maps. Maybe I'm getting a little to detailed about the mapping because I am a mapper but this unnoticed side quest really made Deus Ex that much cooler it provided a silent education to the player. The only down side to this was the ability to get lost easily, that added to the fun for me but of course I realize that I am in a minority here.

Still this ability to develop maps that show off a wide range of culture is something to be taken into account. I don't won't to see the Halo styled maps that put the player on a roller coaster. I would like to see maps that allow a wide range of roaming in something that looks real. This I felt was taken away in Deus Ex: IW, there was vary little to explore in general areas and there was an increased unrealistic amount of effort to explore. For Example, in order to go to lower Seattle you needed to remove toxins form the transit unit. And when you got there all to be explored was a bar, a two apartment building, the church and a coffee shop. None of witch remotely made me feel like I was in Seattle.

In Deus Ex after arriving in Hong Kong I felt as though I was given a brake from the unrelenting running about and trying to escape the world. The Player was given a chance to Sight-See and this adds to the fantasy in the players mind. Please add this feature to the maps.

12th Apr 2008, 23:46
Ah, finally, a topic that has merit.

I completely agree. Even if it's not just for the "sight seeing" aspect, it at the very least quells a few questions about how the rest of the world looks in this futuristic setting and yet is still attuned to their culture. This is a very important element in futuristic games.

I know most everyone hated IW because it was a major let down compared to the original, but even that didn't do a terrible job of trying to achieve this in the limited capacity that it had.

And seriously? You spelled "culture" wrong in the title, but got it right in the body of your post. Did you brain fart?

13th Apr 2008, 17:51
I loved visiting Wanchai and tonnichi road... visiting Hong Kong was definitely one of my favorite locations in the game.... it was just bleeding culture. The monks speak mandarin (so you can't understand), the locals/authorities call you a 'guailo' and either treat you as a stupid tourist or some inferior person, while you walk around there's all the hellish-glowing neon signs above you. Hong Kong was an excellent location, as it fitted into the cyberpunk world quite well. In conclusion, Hong Kong or any location in Far East Asia fits well into Deus Ex as they are general locations that cyberpunk themed stories us.

DX:IW (Not Dx:2, the 2 implies its a respectable heir) dropped the ball in this area. The majority of the game took place in Egypt (which didn't feel like it at ALL); generally speaking, Middle-East & African locations aren't -generally speaking- preferred locations for cyberpunk themed stories; moreover I'm not very interested in those cultures as well. The problem was that DX:IW didn't bleed enough Arabic culture in those locations for me to judge them memorable, interesting or arouse any curiosity/interest; I mean, when I played DX1, I didn't know ANYTHING or even cared about Chinese culture but by just playing the game, it greatly aroused my interest in it, hell I made an effort to learn mandarin afterwards. The US didn't feel like like US nor any post-apocalyptic version of it as well. I won't even comment about France because that was just so poorly done. The only map I liked was the Antarctica one, it was really cool reading about when the internet went down, they had cool designs and generally there was more exploring there then all the other levels in the entire game.

20th Apr 2008, 21:32
I msut admit, the Hong Kong levels are totally breathtaking.

In an average FPS, you don't get to grips with the where and the how of where you are. It's just, go down the tunnel, go right, take a lift to the only other floor, shoot the baddy go through the door (the way you came in has conveniently been blocked to keep it all nice and linear), and escape, unsatisfyingly.

In Hong Kong, there's so much to do! And you can mix and match where you choose to go. You always know where you are in relation to everything else, because DX maps are just that. Maps. Not the traditional FPS "tunnel" approach to level design.

I'm going to fire up DX1 and go to HK right now, just for kicks :D

21st Apr 2008, 17:42
We went to France in Invisisble War?

21st Apr 2008, 21:05
Yeah, DX:IW didn't really give a sense of a Germanic culture when you visit that area, I've seen Bond films do a better job of representing cultural styles than IW did for Germany. (It was Trier in Germany you visit isn't it? I'm not sure all of a sudden, and I was only replaying the game a few days ago, I have a shockingly poor memory sometimes).

22nd Apr 2008, 03:27
I msut admit, the Hong Kong levels are totally breathtaking.


I'm going to fire up DX1 and go to HK right now, just for kicks :D

Nice!! Next time you go to the lucky money, go to Mamasan and buy a girl to follow you ... click on her to see her responses ... then take her to the girls washroom on the second floor and see her response then!! :D

Also, when you go to the bar on the second floor, before you interrupt the conversation between the two Hong Kong residents, point on them and read the captions, one says: "Bar Loser" (guy) and the girl is "Bar Fly" ... but when you start talking with them, they "Bar Loser " changes to some guys name, lol, it's actually funny cuz I think it's one of the programmers names!! LOL

We went to France in Invisisble War?

Opps, my bad, it was Germany, Larington corrected me. I guess it shows how little memorable it was... or how bad my memory is getting with time!! :scratch:

22nd Apr 2008, 19:38
Yeah, I'd say the problem there isn't that you got it wrong, but that Trier made such a non-impression - On me, and probably everyone else. What possibly didn't help, again, is that the music for the game didn't give a strong feel for the location though how music representative of Germany would sound, I have no idea. I had the advantage of having played the game scarcely a few days ago, and having completed it, immediately uninstalled it. That doesn't happen with DX1.

22nd Apr 2008, 20:07
I found IW to be nigh impossible to navigate, which is strange given that trier was a circle and egypt was just copy/paste cesspit. At least Hell's kitchen was a distinctive cesspit. The culture is extremely important to the gamepley aspect, not just fluff, because landmarks that seem different will gain more attention, so you can navigate easier. HK was difficult to navigate at times, but that just made it awesome in its own way. With Hell's kitchen and Paris had a good supply of identifiable landmarks so you could navigate them easier, despite being huge in comparison to the inside of the original statue of liberty, that is to say the entirety of Invisible War. The designers can go all out using this to make foreign locations distinguishable. Who here wouldn't be able to navigate if they were flanked on all corners by truly unique, exotic architecture to tell them where they are? Here's to hoping they get the level size right, not midgit, but not so huge as to make stealth impossible. Wide open fields tend to ruin almost any game for me, even pure FPS because finding the serious conflicts are over before I can even identify where they're meant to be happening.