View Full Version : Talking or Zip n Allistar?

12th Apr 2008, 09:27
I want to hear lara talk during the game and say random stuff...
Im just curious to know if its just zip and allistar some of u dislike, or talking in general?
Maybe lara could show her humorous side n say funny things when something major happens.

14th Apr 2008, 11:50
I like Zip and Alister, *uses a thick titanium alloy sheild himself from the flames* :) they provide an outlet for Lara to converse in witty banter, which the only other time she can really do this without looking like someone who talks to herself, is with the villians and sometimes the wit turns to a tone of aggresion when she is put into a dangerous situation.

Tara C
14th Apr 2008, 15:30
<3 I Lurveeeeee Zip & Alister <3

They Make Me Smile When Things Get Quiet & They Add More To The Storyline By Telling Her Facts About Aincient Objects & Contacting People For Her Next Mission....I Think Its Better Than Her Carrying Lots Of Contact Equpments Like Mobile Phones & Signal Boosters ect....And Afterall She Is Human So She Isnt Going To Know 100% Of All Things Acient & Artifacty Is She....Which Is Where They Come In =D

My Opinion Anyhoo =D

27th Apr 2008, 10:57
I am going to make this post short since I ranted on in another post.

I loved Zip and Allistair. They had very funny lines and added such interesting history to the story I was engrossed. I also loved the comic relief when it was needed. Being stuck in silence in a tomb for hours is a little dull. Although I feel that they could get kind of annoying sometimes, they ALWAYS were talking and sometimes ruined it for me when I though silence was needed. Like in Japan when she was climbing they KEPT ON TALKING :mad2:

I think their talking should be decreased or minimulised, but they should really stay forever! I also think they shouldnt give hints - ruins the puzzles - only when Lara asks for hints. But in short...

I LOVE ZIP AND ALLISTAIR! 'it's the center of the evil coatrack empire' FTW!

27th Apr 2008, 16:01
I liked Zip and Alister, in fact, I like the conversation they have in England (in the tomb of King Arthur) so much that I transcribed it for my English Coursework lol

However I do feel the need to say that whilst the witty banter was nice, the Classic TR sense of isolation and loneliness is better, and that means not having 2 people rabbiting down your ear for the best part of 9 hours. Plus I wana know which Mobile network has coverage so good that people a good mile underground or in the jungle can get a signal...Heck I get on the subway and can't phone anybody!

I do like Z and A but i would prefer TRU if they were limited to cut scenes only, plus I don't care how good the coverage is i'm sure T-Mobile aint got satalites in the mayan underworld.****

28th Apr 2008, 19:02
I wont that Zip and Alister come back in TR:U!!!
So, Edios we all hope that you will give as Zip and Alister back, beacose we dind't love silence in TR:A!!!

29th Apr 2008, 03:00
To me I feel Kurits is more fun to be around and had a way better personality. I would rather here Kurits talking than Zip and Alister. But I do like Zip better than Alister.

2nd May 2008, 10:30
Alistar n Zip r coooool specially Zip he talks funny n cute .....