View Full Version : Help Please with TOD

11th Apr 2008, 06:11
Hey Tech department...

I have a problem with total overdose...

I just finished the mission where i had to kill Elvis at his mansion...

and now the AutoSave doesnt want to work...it says the autosave has failed then asks me to retry or quit without saving...i really need the autosave because you cant save while browsing the city(or can you)...

PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ HELP...Thanxx guys:D :mad2:

15th Sep 2010, 08:54
You can save while roaming the city... You can find the blue blimps in which you can save.

8th Sep 2014, 06:13
Some games crash while playing in the mission. Even I have also downloaded many games but all of them were crashed in duration of a mission. Than I found a site which was awesome and I ended the whole game. Soon I'll give a link of that please wait.