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10th Apr 2008, 13:48
This post I think can be important because it would says what all forumers wants to the game and the gameplay options in the game.
I vote more later after the post but I think some people know what I think ... :D

1 DX gameplay A Mix between Infiltration, Action/Adventure FPS and RPG games
2 DX 2 gameplay FPS based gameplay with some powers and infiltration tactics
3 More focused on infiltration keep some DX options but put the gameplay more like hitman, Spliter cell, metal gear ...
4 More fucused on RPG parts the skills are more important than before and add more RPG elements ...
5 Extended DX 1 gameplay Includes some DX 1 gameplay with more other gameplay's in the game and more envolved DX gameplay parts
6 A more focused FPS game like bioshock but with DX style
7 Other... Say what you want on your post and try to be precise on your opinion

10th Apr 2008, 14:23
like hitman, Spliter cell, metal gear
Hitman has nothing to do with SC ou MGS! :eek:
Moreover, I believe I've already seen a similar poll on the forum.

10th Apr 2008, 14:55
I know it but they are approximatively the same genre it's only to give exemples of gameplays;
If I said for the FPS Unreal, Doom 3, Half life and Crysis theses games have a completly different gameplay but they are FPS isn't it and they have different gameplay

10th Apr 2008, 18:49
Extended DX 1 Gameplay.

10th Apr 2008, 22:29
I vote the same as Vasarto Extended DX 1 gameplay

11th Apr 2008, 08:15
I know it but they are approximatively the same genre it's only to give exemples of gameplays;
If I said for the FPS Unreal, Doom 3, Half life and Crysis theses games have a completly different gameplay but they are FPS isn't it and they have different gameplay

Well, it's kind of hard to define "gameplay" as it remains subjective. I think that DX and IW gameplays are essentially the same, with IW being just more simplified.

I guess I'll go with extended DX1/DX2 gameplay.. :scratch:

11th Apr 2008, 12:43
Yes it's pretty hard, but these simplifications makes the gameplay between DX 1 and DX 2 different for me this is what I can feel when I compare these games; but as you say the gameplays of these games are essentially the same, but I can find more than 10 differences between these two games and they aren't so little

18th Apr 2008, 23:06
If someone vote here it's better to make some posts to say what you want and the reasons if you want to say one.
I think if the dev's see around here what are your perception of the game and more

19th Apr 2008, 00:46
Similar to DX1.

19th Apr 2008, 09:24
An "extended" DX1 gameplay would surely cover all the bases, no?

If by extended we mean things like:

- Implementing physics from DX2 (but like... better. Too many objects seemed to be without weight)

- More places to be (i.e. less barred doors/windows)

- More non-linear gameplay (if I'm honest, I missed out talking to the AI and Lucius deBeers during my first playthrough of DX1 by mistake, I just wanted to get out of Paris)

- Options to take a level any way you see fit (the approach to the Naval Shipyards is do-able in about 20 seconds according to a you-tube vid)

19th Apr 2008, 12:28
i voted for more focus on fps. however, that doesnt mean i want a cyberpunk version of counterstrike. I just think that it would be nice to see a little more focus on the weaponry and firefights than there was in DX1 and 2.

Tracer Tong
19th Apr 2008, 15:31
I want to go wherever I want(flight terms), in contrary to the linear-in-this-case DX1

19th Apr 2008, 15:59
I want to go wherever I want(flight terms), in contrary to the linear-in-this-case DX1

remember the Battery Park-Hell's Kitchen subway? they didn't make enough use of that. if a mission spanned across both areas, or if you didnt use Jock or the boat to travel to and from Liberty Island, but instead had to make your own way around NYC, it would have felt bigger, i think.

But, we all loved DX as it was.

21st Apr 2008, 17:58
For me the definition of the extended DX 1 gameplay as I voted is to extend each gameplay part of this game The main thing is to keep the good assessments of DX 1 / DX 2 mainly DX 1 because the gameplay of DX 1 is more advanced than DX 2; and keep some elements of DX 2.

1/ Customization DX 1 has some and this is one great thing of this game, DX 2 has some interesting things but not so interesting as the customization of DX 1

2/ Expand the interactivity DX series has great interactivity but we can go more further than the previous series for example the lamps you can only pt them on or off, if we can carry them and use wall outlets it can change some interactivity and I can propose with some items an extended interactivity and keep some simplicity ...

3/ The conversations sometimes we have choice and upgrade the impact of choices is most people here wants like more choices and more trading.
In DX 1.
I loved the fact you can find a trader or a non trader like person you can buy some items. Give them some services enhance the game we must keep it and enhance it.

4/ The skills. Ah I want the come back of the skills and get some skills like the agility (better the agility more special movements can be executed)
This is an example but we can enhance the biomods too.

5/ The weaponry this part is the FPS part we must keep some weapons like the flamethrower and it's effects, but a lightening gun can be a good special weapon, use the water to expand it's range and make this gun a massive attack weapon if more than one enemy has its feet in the water.
Some realism like reloads, projectile delay, effects like the bullet / wall penetration, the hardest wall can be perforated only by a railgun ....
Some acid and frost effects can enhance this part as the fact we use the decorations and other items in our world, get more stuff like more weapons / items this give more choices.

6/ The level design this part is one of the deus ex fundamentals great levels like the first game or greater. more explorable buildings, and more life in each locations, especially in streets on cities more alternate way's in DX 1 we have some and the size of the levels makes a challenge to find them. This makes the infiltration part better, elements of the environment makes a better infiltration part.

7/ The story must be interactive like the firsts games, but I want more changes after making a special action and some missions can be a key moment to change level/city/country or other things ...

8/ The inventory ah the inventory I want the come back of the RPG inventory expand it like select the ammo we want to carry, and wearing suits permanently

I can be more precise on each therms but this is the global things I want in the game ...

23rd Apr 2008, 13:22
"Extended DX 1 gameplay" :cool:

And to me infiltration=Thief games, not Splinter Cell... :)

30th Apr 2008, 13:54
I voted for "5: Extended DX 1," because I wanted to combine '3: More focused on infiltration' and '4: More fucused on RPG parts: the skills and more RPG elements.'

I would like to see more Thief1 style infiltration, more Splinter Cell style use of technologies, gadgets and physical abilities, Operations Flashpoint style AI (and firefights, if resources allow); I would like to see the Metal Gear and Splinter Cell style skills to be dependent on an RPG style skill system, however; but none of this should be done at the expense of a DX1 like environment.

Come to think of it, I really enjoyed the lone wolf style infoltration missions in Operation Flashpoint. There was one night mission in which I laser designated a bridge that the enemy was about to cross, and then took shelter in a farmer's hut, when the enemy soldiers got too close; there was another one, also at night, in which I had to sneak into an enemy encampment to blow up two passing trucks (on this mission I had to use a silenced assault rifle, and night vision); but my all time favorite was a mission actually called "Lone Wolf", in which I had to destroy/steal tanks, single handedly, from an enemy base, at sunrise. I would love to see such infiltration missions in DX3, though not at the expense of corporate espionage like missions (ala DX1: Versalife missions). At least one daylight infiltration mission, like Operation Flashpoint's "Lone Wolf" mission would be greatly appreciated; I think more than one such mission would get a lot of my fellow gamers a little ticked off.