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10th Apr 2008, 13:26
What I didn't like about TRL is that there was only 8 levels so it made the gameplay short, I think they should increase the levels a bit more make them longer or increase the levels to like 15 or 20 but not to go over the top like 30 cause I think that would make the game drag a Llttle and be a little pointless, I think they should have a wider selection of weapons and let us do a lil more with the Grappling Hook like help us in combat for instance hook it round there feet N' trip um up so we have an advantage on the componant:)... I would love a wider selection of outfits like Legend had maybe some more like all the costumes Lara ever wore even in the films I loved the Snow Suit and the Evening Ripped I HATE!!! TIME TRIALS! they R so difficult they like give you a small amount of time so I think they should give us a reasonable amount of time but still make it challenging:)... the motorbike I loved I think that they should let us use more 2 help us with the missions like say Lara couldn't make this jump because it was too far, so she could use the motorbike to help her get across, I think we should be able 2 bust down doors with it iswell so Say lara goes flat out going 100 MPH @ the door and she jumps off @ the last second the door breaks down N Lara is unharmed that would BE COOL! I think that we should B able to attack enemy's with it like in the first Tomb Raider film where her mansion is under attack at the garage scence where she does a stoppie and the motorbike swings round and hits the enemy to the floor then she lands I THINK WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO THAT, THAT WOULD BE EXCELLENT!... the Jeep I didn't mind too much but it did get annoying!... I think we should B able 2 use the Grappling Hook to help us get 2 a high ledge so say Lara was on the ground and she comes to the temple... the doors locked.. it's too strong for her to use the motorbike to bust it down and nothing else can help her so she uses her Grappling hook swings it to the roof of the temple and uses the Grappling Hook as a kinda rope n there is a gap that Lara can squeeze through at the roof THAT WOULD BE COOL;)... I think the Grappling Hook should help us get around corners so say lara is hanging on the ledge and she looks round the corner and theres a ledge she cnt reach but if she swung her grappling hook she could swing round the corner i would enjoy that very much... nothing else to say:)

Werner Von Croy
10th Apr 2008, 13:28
Hey we already have several threads regarding this such as here http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=74916

10th Apr 2008, 14:46
Offtopic, but please write normally, it's difficult to read with every word in capital letter :nut:

Werner Von Croy
10th Apr 2008, 14:54
Offtopic, but please write normally, it's difficult to read with every word in capital letter :nut:


Mangar The Dark
10th Apr 2008, 15:26
Offtopic, but please write normally, it's difficult to read with every word in capital letter :nut:

You beat me to it! :lol:

JordG-- the basic rule is, only the first word in a sentence should be capitalized, unless it's a proper name.

10th Apr 2008, 19:21
New Moves, Great Story, More Combat, Not Too Hard Puzzles, Modern Gear, Lots Of Outfits And Locations.

14th Apr 2008, 11:59
scrathes, minor blemishes on Lara's legs and arms as she passes through the brush and as she ascends walls and things.